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This video shows have a cow is served using artificial insemination Visit my channel to see further. Many producers of purebred and commercial beef cattle can profitably utilize artificial insemination ( AI ) on virgin heifers or on the cow herd or both. Success with artificial insemination requires attention to detail in all areas of herd management. One of the most important factors affecting the success of the . The recto-vaginal technique is the most commonly used meth- od to artificially inseminate cattle.

The basic skills required to perform this technique can be obtained with about three days practice under professional instruction and supervision.

Additional proficiency and confidence will be achieved . How to Artificially Inseminate Cows and Heifers. While that may be, a dose of cowboy logic can certainly help things along. Take, for instance, the concept and practice of artificial insemination ( AI ). Now, splice in the cowboy logic, supplied in . Within the cattle industry there has been a shift away from hiring professional technicians to artificially breed cattle and toward artificial insemination by owner- inseminators.

Such a trend should not suggest that artificial insemination ( AI ) is an easy technique or that all owner-inseminators are proficient in AI. There are many reasons why artificial cow insemination is preferred. First and foremost is that it makes it much easier, and less costly, to inseminate a .

You do have the option of breeding cows by artificial insemination ( AI ). Many AI programs involve the use of maiden heifers, as they are under much less stress than lactating cows and often provide higher submission rates. Mature cows are better to use than lactating first calf heifers as this latter class is under more stress. AI technicians trained to the highest standards.

Experience – performing thousands of inseminations each year. Professional 3day service. Importance of AI Service. We know how to get cows in calf.

Causes of AI failure in cows : They are both human and animal. The farmer and the inseminator unwittingly contribute to most of these failures through acts of omission and commission. The discovery that bull semen could be successfully frozen and stored for indefinite periods has revolutionized AI in cattle. Glycerol acts to remove water from the sperm cell prior to freezing and . It could make sense to skip the bull in a beef cattle operation, says an economist with the Western Beef Development Centre. During the past several years, extensive research has been done at the University of Missouri on fixed-time artificial insemination of beef cows.

It is very important, especially with timed- AI programs, that producers follow the protocols precisely in order to get the best. In addition to selecting a . Oakley had her calves mid-May this year, and we just bred her last week, so that was about a three-month wait period. We used artificial insemination ( AI ) to breed Oakley and our beef cow this year.

The use of artificial insemination ( AI ) in beef cows is still uncommon in the UK.

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