Alaskan salmon

However, sockeye salmon stands out, as its diet consists almost entirely of plankton. Compared to farmed fish, this type of wild-caught salmon is an exemplary seafood choice. Buy salmon online shipped fresh from Alaska. King Salmon , Sockeye Salmon , Coho Salmon in fillets, smoked portions, combo packages and more.

Other fish in the same family include trout, char, grayling and whitefish. Salmon are native to tributaries of the North Atlantic (genus Salmo) and Pacific Ocean (genus Oncorhynchus).

Many species of salmon have been . Our fillets are flash-frozen solid within hours of harvest, to preserve their quality. As veteran fishermen, we know how to get the very best. This is NOT your super market salmon. HOW TO IDENTIFY THE FIVE SALMON SPECIES FOUND IN ALASKA.

KING ( CHINOOK) SALMON : blue-gray back. Spawning king salmon adults lose their silvery bright color and take on a maroon to olive brown color. COHO (SILVER) SALMON : Spawning coho salmon adults develop greenish-black heads and dark.

Our wild king salmon and coho salmon are prized by chefs around the country and handled with special care and delivered to your door. Caught wild in Alaskan waters, Oregon hatchery salmon help bring a struggling fishery back to health. A recent study revealed tapeworms in wild Alaskan salmon , fish commonly used in sushi. Then we look at the ring finger and ask, “What color rings to some people wear?

The fourth species is a silver. Each has a distinctive flavor profile and preferred preparations. Alaska is home to abundant stocks of many species of fish, and. Wild Alaskan Salmon Facts.

The Alaska salmon fishery has been independently certified as sustainable to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Our heart-healthy Alaskan salmon fillets are wild-caught in Alaska, flash frozen and individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. Our salmon comes from a fishery that has been independently certified as responsibly managed. A hot and sassy marinade makes this grilled salmon even more delicious. Serious anglers will have their pick of pink, . KENAI, Alaska — Wenceslous Fru, a physician assistant from Anchorage, stood on the sandy shore of the Kenai River and imagined the dinner he would put together once he felt the jostle of a salmon in his long-handled dip net.

He would make it the way they do back home in Cameroon, splitting it down . The harvest of the wild Alaskan salmon follows the strictly regulated . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an official warning about the possible presence of Diphyllobothrium — otherwise known as a Japanese tapeworm — in Alaskan salmon.

Oh, you were thinking about sushi tonight? You should probably skip the salmon sashimi. There may be nothing that says summer in Alaska better than fresh fish cooked on the grill.