Manufacturing ultralight, high-performance, low-maintenance, and bombproof packrafts for years. Rapporter et annet bilde Rapporter det støtende bildet. The Alpacka Series continues the tradition of our original line-up of the Alpaca, Yak, Llama, and Mule.

For over years running, they have been the unquestioned leader of packrafting innovation, performance, and quality. From a day at your local river, to epic traverses across the most remote locations on the planet, to self . The Alpacka Gnu can be configured to do everything from running whitewater like a Cstyle canoe to long days on easy flat water.

Villmarksliv tar stor-ørret i båt fra Packrafting. Dag Kjelsås i villmarksliv ser ut til å være en flittig bruker av vår Packraft. Det naturliga urval som tvingades fram av det extrema klimatet är sannolikt anledningen till att alpackan fortfarande är ett mycket tåligt och motståndskraftigt djur som . The number of companies making packrafts is growing alongside the sport of packrafting itself. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Alpacka Raft, Mancos, CO.

There are now different brands of packrafts available, with an eighth one coming soon. So the obvious question . Alpacka packrafts are rugge hand-built wilderness boats. Whether used for fishing a remote alpine lake, descending whitewater, or just exploring a little wetland on the side of the roa they make wilderness boating accessible.

They are built to be fun, and to last. För miljoner år sedan höll förfäderna till dagens camelider till i de nordvästra delarna av Nordamerika. Och för miljoner år sedan delades gruppen upp varvid en del migrerade till Asien där nu endast kameler och dromedarer finns kvar. Den andra delen av gruppen följde den . Live on our alpaca farm where you can feel the grass between your toes , pet the animals and enjoy nature.

We offer you a different and unique experience wi. Packrafts are rugge hand- built wilderness boats, light and small enough to pack on your bike, tough enough to survive the adventure you throw at them. Shop for Alpacka Rafts now. Et nøste av naturlig skjønnhet.

Dens magiske ull er varmende når du fryser og svalende når det er som varmest. Alpacka Solo passer bra til varmende høst- og vinterplagg – alt fra gensere og luer til pulsvarmere og sjal. This pack raft has been a game changer in the types of trips that I am able to do. We are the official dealer for Alpacka Rafts and Hyperlight Mountain gear here in New Zealand. Please Note : We will put in an order with Alpacka on the 20th of each month.

This review presents a summary of features, specifications, usage context, field immersion testing and use, limitations, and strengths of the Alpacka Stowaway Dry Suit based on my experience with it in the context of both wilderness and roadside packrafting for the past three months.