Han lærte først retorikk under sofisten Gorgias før han ble en lidenskapelig elev av Sokrates. Later writers regarded him as the . Først var han elev av Gorgias, deretter av Sokrates. Han grunnla så den kyniske skole som fikk navn etter gymnasiet Kynosarges der han underviste.

He was the teacher to Diogenes of Sinope, and he is regarded by Diogenes Laertius as the first Cynic philosopher. This is called the Cynic-Stoic .

He is relevant to two of the greatest turning points in ancient intellectual history, from pre-Socraticism to Socraticism, and from classical Athens to the Hellenistic period. His philosophical legacy also influenced Cynic and early Stoic thought. Consequently, he has left us an interesting theory of paideia (reading, writing, and the arts) followed by an even more brief one in . It was sai however, that he was not of pure Attic blood. Hence his reply to one who taunted him with this: The mother of the gods too is a Phrygian. For his mother was supposed to have been a Thracian.

In his youth he studied rhetoric under Gorgias, perhaps also under Hippias and Prodicus. He became a devoted pupil and close friend of Socrates, walking forty furlongs daily from Peiraeus to Athens to hear him speak. Chappuis refers to him as one of the most remarkable among the Socratic philosophers, and favorably compares the beauty of his works with those of Plato and Xenophon, and the austerity of his life and philosophy with that of .

Greek philosopher: founder of the Cynic school. He was a student of Socrates and is considered the founder of Cynicism, a philosophy known for embracing poverty and hardship, being contemptuous of social norms, and seeing virtue as the ultimate goal of life, achieved by acting in accordance . In this revisionary account of his philosophy in all its aspects, P. Meijer claims that Plato and Aristotle have corrupted our perspective on this witty and. It is my pleasure to thank the people who have helped me most in the formulation and completion of this book.

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A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of. Born in Athens of an Athenian father and a Thracian mother who . That the wise man will be guided in his public acts not by the established laws but by the law of virtue.