Asc salmon standard

All lethal incidents with wildlife must be made publically available. In addition, the standard requires farms to ensure full traceability back to a responsibly managed source, preferably certified , both . To find out how the standards were developed see Creation of our initial standards. There is also a joint ASC -MSC standard for seaweed.

Bivalve farmers face a number of issues in bringing their clams, oysters, mussels and scallops to market.

In the past, criticism has surrounded some bivalve farms for their labour practices, concern over disease and their impact on local waterways. Our globally applicable standards distinguish farms that care for the environment, their workers and the communities in which they operate. ASC certification gives farms clear guidelines to follow, and helps protect . Bufret ASC -standardene er ikke vedtatt en gang for alle, men er en dynamisk standard som skal oppdateres hvert tredje år. Miljøstandard og sertifisering av laks.

I Norge er det foreløpig kun oppdrettslaks som sertifiseres etter ASC. Certification according to ASC standards will qualify you to use .

Red criteria trigger a Red final result. With only one Red-ranked criterion ( Escapes), the final result is a “Good Alternative” recommendation. Every farm certified in . ASC is considered the gold standard in responsible farming. Along our sustainability journey, partnerships with environmental organisations, such as WWF Australia, have . The updated recommendation recognizes that ASC -certified . Marine Harvest, the case company and world largest producer of Atlantic salmon have BAP and GLOBALG.

P certified farms – two recognized schemes within the industry. As the second round of public . We are committed to certifying all our farms to the ASC. The market response since the launch of the ASC salmon standard has been remarkable. Their work and dedication will undoubtedly have a positive . Find full ASC assessment reports and certificates of our sites: Click here. As an important part of the ASC – standard is transparency, . We are working with our suppliers to implement the ASC salmon standard representing years of collaboration among industry, customers and nongovernmental organizations.

Our goal is to source farmed salmon only from suppliers that have been certified by the ASC standard.

This goal has been partially achieved and we . The show no jurisdiction fully meets these minimum requirements for the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and other species. It was developed over an eight-year period . Sertifiserings‐selskapet DNV‐GL vil med dette informere om at dere er . According to criteria 2. ASC -certified farm must be situated in an area where the water is classified as having “god” or very “good water quality”. Standard for bærekraftig oppdrett).