Autine axe

Thanks guys for the work of art and amazing new kitchen tool. Simply the best axe made. I have had mine for over two years now and I am looking to get a Large Forest Axe.

Autine is great to deal with and the axes . Razor-sharp and very well finished.

Damascus steel chef knives. John Neeman is a bladesmith who has gained . Want to get the forums opinion on the. No job too small for these wonderful tools.

After what seemed like forever it finally came ! What makes a axe handle come loose? This Pin was discovered by The Great One. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

My team and I have started a contest of new ideas for axe patterns. Everything is, not surprisingly, drool-worthy, and some of the designs appear to be exactly the same from the Neeman Tools line (such as the broad axe ). Buy online from SheKnows Best Deals! This axe was hand forged and this video shows you the steps involved. A review of the hatchet to follow soon.

This video shows how to make an axe by laminating tehnique. It is a short insight in forging methods used by. AUTINE manufactures axes for carpenters, hunters, butchers, forest laborers and cooks. Their axes are made using technique of laminating, using steel with high carbon content (8HF) for the blade part and are . The AUTINE Traditional Finish Splitting Axe brings a whole new meaning to timber. The Finnish Splitting axe began its life before the invention of the almighty chainsaw, and was designed . Although it is great for use with woo it is not a general use axe.

It is designed to field dress, dismember and flay large animals. The distinguishing feature of the Hunters Axe is the “flay poll”. They are not cheap but I like to support . Deze bijl heeft een kop die dik genoeg is voor kloofwerk, een snede die dun genoeg is voor fijne aanmaakhoutjes en genoeg gewicht om ook wat steviger te hakken.

Can a $axe cut and split wood as well as a $3axe ? Our friends at Wranglerstar puts three axes to the ultimate test. You might be surprised who comes out on top. SUITABILITY: All purpose.

The almost perfect finish can be seen here. The head design lends itself well to cutting and splitting. All things related to Bushcraft – tools, techniques, schools of thought, history, etc.

West Woods Bushcraft Pack axe hatchet handle 20. CRUISERS DOUBLE BIT AX HANDLE AMISH MADE HICKORY.