Ayam cemani

Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken from Indonesia. F6vuGXRLGik Lignende 10. Their feathers are black. Even their organs are black.

And what do you get for all this unrelenting blackness?

Ayam translates as “chicken” in Indonesian, Cemani is Javanese for “completely black. The Cemani Chicken is sometimes called the Lamborghini of Chickens. This beautiful bird has black color covered his body and organs. Ada yang menarik dari ayam-ayam ini. Seluruh bulu berwarna hitam.

Mereka ini disebut ayam cemani. Konon ayam Cemani ini mempunyai warna hitam yang sangat sempurna dengan presentase 1 berwarna hitam, bahkan sampai daging, tulang, darah , dan hingga bagian dalam (jeroan) semuanya berwarna hitam. Seekor anakan ayam cemani yang berumur satu hari bisa terjual dengan harga Rp juta lebih di Amerika.

The bird is completely black — right down to its organs and bones. Picture: Cemani FarmsSource:Supplied. Ayam cemani has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

The unusual ayam cemani is thought to originate from Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. Almost 4years after the Dutch tulip craze drove prices of some flowers to ridiculous heights, legions of U. The breed is found in Central and East Java, Madura Island and in Sumatra. Many crosses and variants are found. Ayam Cemani , especially the perfect black ones, can have a very high value in Indonesia, because it is . Gördüyünüz bu xoruzun adı Ayam Cemani toyuğudur.

Dünyadakı ən nadir xoruz növlərindən biridir və təbii olaraq yetişdirildiyi yer İndoneziyadır. Ayam İndoneziya dilində toyuq, Cemani isə tamamilə qara deməkdir. Bu növün bədənindəki hər yer . Find local ayam cemani classified ads in the UK and Ireland.

Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved! As in livestock that can cost you anywhere from $a bird to thousands of dollar for a. Limite Surat, Gujarat. So, I purchased Ayam Cemani pairs from different breeders.