The babaco is a hybrid cultivar in the genus Vasconcellea from Ecuador. It is a hybrid between Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis and Vasconcellea stipulata (syn. Carica stipulata, Toronche.). It can grow at high altitudes (over 0m), and is the most cold-tolerant plant in the genus Vasconcellea. De babaco (Vasconcellea ×heilbornii, synonieCarica ×pentagona) of chamburo is een hybride van de bergpapaja (Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis) en Vasconcellea stipulata.

De hybride is verwant aan de echte papaja (Carica papaya). De vrucht wordt verbouwd in Chili, Colombia, Ecuador en Nieuw- Zeeland. Its flesh is cotton-white, seedless, succulent and melon-like in consistency with overt effervescent qualities.

It has been cultivated in Ecuador since before the arrival of Europeans. In more recent times the babaco was introduced into New Zealand . Babaco fruit allures with . All products are made in Japan with craftsmanship. Almost everyone who visits my garden says, Wow, what is that? The big, football-shaped fruits taste sort of like pineapple or kiwi, and the juicy flesh is effervescent, . This cylindrical fruit is yellow in color, lacks seeds, and comprises soft outer layer.

You can either eat it raw or enjoy eating smoothies, sauces, and shakes of this fruit. How Does A Free Trial Sound? BABACO PROOF OF DELIVERY APP What does your. Be compliant with our new DVIR APP.

When sliced crosswise, the facets of this fruit gives a pentagonal outline which gives it the scientific name of Carica pentagona. The texture of this golden fruit is very light and refreshing.