Lasater created the bree from a crossing of Hereford cows and Shorthorn cows with Brahman bulls. The exact mixture of the foundation cattle is unknown, but is thought to be about. These cattle have been developed by the Lasater Ranch then headquartered in Texas.

The breeding program leading to their establishment was started by Ed C. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.

USLGE) portion of the BBU international . Other notable crosses include the Charbray, from the Brahman and Charolais, and the Brangus, from the Brahman and Angus. Pure-bred Brahmans today are used primarily for breeding and seldom slaughtered. Dosia, and their four children.

Weather for the purebred breeder . This can be done on the Internet. Logan Quasar X Jezabelle Compromise nothing when choosing Logan.

Logan combines some of the most proven bloodlines in the breed with great design, performance, and production. His bull calves are heavy bone thick made, and super clean while his females are long, fancy, and feminine fronted. Beefmaster Bred Heifers. We still hold to this upgrading philosophy today as we . That means that no bulls, cows, frozen semen or embryos-no outside genetic material- have been introduced into the herd since that time.

Our sires have top genetics and we do have semen for sale. Years ago I found a book entitled The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Breeding by Laurence Lasater. It was a real eye opener for us, and the guidelines from this book have been the backbone of our breeding program for cattle during the last couple of decades. I researched information on.

Developed on the Six Essentials. FERTILITY – MILKING ABILITY – WEIGHT – CONFORMATION – HARDINESS – DISPOSITION Dependable, Efficient . Our goal is to assist our members in the promotion and marketing of their cattle through the sponsorship of several prestigious sales throughout the year. You can participate in this unique event — meet the progressive breeders who have molded this modern day legend — and learn about this exciting breed in an atmosphere that dreams . Their dedication has resulted in the Emmons brand known as a flagship operation . Learn more about our cow pasture seed.

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