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History is a wonderful study, if you ask me. The situation in Belarus is similar to that of Ireland. In Irelan for example, less than of the population speak Irish as a first language. Learn all about the history and current situation of the languages and local dialects spoken in every region of Belarus. This month an advertising campaign that may puzzle foreign observers was launched in Minsk.

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The people of Belarus are a kin friendly and good humoured nation. Total users in all countries: 56170. Alternate Names: Belarusan, Belorussian, . Information about the language situation in Belarus. Nowadays they are considered to be separate languages and . Religion: believers are mostly Christian. Register online and get low prices, guaranteed.

Which is considered superior? Russian Language Course.

Any other university courses to consider? Learn how to say Belarus in different languages. With links to audio pronunciations. Political leaders often use language as an instrument to establish their legitimacy.

The Old Belarusian literary language had been the official language of the Great Duchy of Litva from the th till the th centuries. Old Belarusian was thus the state language for the ancestors of modern Belarusians, Ukranians and Lithuanians. It was the Golden Age of Old Belarusian literature.

Belarus language related products and information including System and Fonts at WorldLanguage. This research analyzes self-reported native language and mother tongue data from Belarusian university-age students and discusses the role of language in shaping individual and collective identity. Linguistic diversity index, 0. Welp, the Belarussian language is definitely alive in this thread.

The Slavs who first moved into the area spread around the Eastern Europe region carrying their language with them. As they settle their language merged with the indigenous languages they encountered. There are now around 11 . Follow activities for fun, interesting, effective practice. I am Belorussian from Minsk!

The reason why I started to learn Italian is that i love this country and keep on visiting mostly this country for my vacation, love its culture , nature, cuisine, social life and would like to practice Italian for a better involvement! Learn useful Belarusian language phrases for your holiday in Belarus.