Big horn sheep

Arten karakteriseres av hannenes (værenes) enormt tykke horn ( slirehorn ), som vokser opp fra fremre del av skallen i en nedadgående framovervendt skru langs sidene av hodet. Tykkhornsauen er verdens største sau , og en av . Recent genetic testing indicates three distinct subspecies of Ovis canadensis, one of which is endangered: O. Go head-to-head with the bighorn sheep. The characteristics and . Learn more about the life of these alpine creatures.

In Californa, the desert bighorn, Ovis canadensis nelsoni, is found in the dry, desert mountains of southeastern California. They are legendary for . Both rams (males) and ewes (females) have horns, though the horns of rams . Two small populations also have been introduced to central British Columbia outside their normal distribution. Populations of a second . Horns are present in both sexes, but they are bigger in males (rams).

A young male ram challenges an older male to a fight. Bighorns are brown with a white rump patch.

NatGeoSubscribe About National. Desert bighorn sheep are perfectly adapted to survive the hot, dry deserts they call home. In the spring, bighorn can go many days without drinking water, metabolizing just . Muscular males can weigh over 3pounds and stand over three feet tall at the shoulder. Females are roughly half this size. It has a white belly, rump and muzzle.

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) are the largest wild sheep in North America. It is best known for its large horns. NEW Draw Recap Report​s and Hunting Statistics.

For the first time, pre-draw and post-draw information, and license quotas have been combined into a single . Despite its iconic status and current prominence, the bighorn sheep was near extinction at the turn of the century. Diseases introduced​ through European livestock and unregulated hunting had decimated populations throughout the West, and only a small number of the native sheep remained in Colorado in . There are lots of bighorn sheep in Utah. In fact, there are too many.

Zion and Utah are creating a plan to capture and move bighorn.