Adding fertilizer is, in principal trying to trick nature. When we add concentrated nutrients in soluble form we try to make soil more fertile or just get a higher yield. The problem is, it is extremely difficult to get the right amount of nutrients.

The efficiency of mineral nitrogen . The Farmers House of Georgia video describing the production cycle of biohumus.

The fermentator was set up. Co to jest biohumus , jak go stosować i czy to dobry nawóz? Poznaj wszystkie sekrety nawożenia roślin biohumusem i naucz się korzystać z jego mocy!

Find great deals on eBay for biohumus and worm casting. Purpose: natural organic soil improvement material for improvement of seed sowing substrate, sprout (seedling, sapling) plantation soil. BIOHUMUS For seed germination and seedling replantation.

Recommendations for use: insert or spread locally. Mix biohumus with seedling substrate or pour and insert into the soil .

Geodakian RO, Erofeeva TV. There has been investigated the possibility of prolonging the useful time of the substrate on the basis of natural salt-loaded zeolite Balkanin . Earthworm processed cattle manure. Most of these elements have been . Organic soil conditioner. Nawóz powstaje w wyniku przetworzenia substancji organicznej przez dżdżownice kalifornijskie. Nawóz ten jest zakwalifikowany do stosowania w uprawach . It is a crumbly fertilizer with a pleasant scent and looks like black soil.

By the content of essential nutrients, ton . Join LinkedIn today for free. Samples soil mixed with biohumus in the ratio 50:by weight parts. Seeds of an amaranth preliminary wet (priming) in a solution of various concentration of BWH (water extract of biohumus ), washed distilled water and dried on air at room temperature.

In the microplots contaminated with crude oil, the grain yield in the green biomass-treated microplots reache in the third year, only about of the yield obtained in the uncontaminated microplots. This concentrated fertilizer contains the whole balanced complex of essential nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, plant growth and development. The directory of Lithuanian companies.

Without the work of this humble creature, who knows nothing of the benefits he confers on mankin agriculture as we know it would be very difficult if not wholly impossible. It is a friable fine- grained mass with a good structure and without foreign dark grey admixtures.

It smells like fresh ground. BIOKAL biohumus product. THE BENEFITS OF ORGANIC FERTILIZERS. Покажете дека се грижите за нашата планета! Jego powstawanie zawdzięczamy odchodom dżdżownic kalifornijskich, które żywią się substancjami organicznymi, jak obornik.

Obecne w nich mikroorganizmy rozmnażane w układach pokarmowych dżdżownic, pozytywnie wpływają na wzrost i kondycję roślin. Płynny wieloskładnikowy nawóz naturalny przeznaczony do nawożenia wszystkich roślin. Biohumus , to naturalny i bardzo cenny nawóz ogrodniczy. Nawóz uzyskiwany z hodowli dżdżownic kalifornijskich. Wpływa na prawidłowy wzrost i rozwój roślin.

Dostarcza potrzebne składniki pokarmowe i poprawia kondycję roślin.