Bobwhite quail

It is a member of the group of species known as New World quails (Odontophoridae). They were initially placed with the Old World quails in the . EKIAteCDYU Lignende 11. They adapt well in the captive environment and can become good fliers.

The only native quail in the east. Its whistled bob-white !

During fall and winter, bobwhites live in coveys, averaging about a dozen birds. The bobwhite quail is a favorite of many hunters. Buzzle highlights some interesting facts about this bird.

Shifts in farming practices, along with the loss of farmland and young forest habitat are the primary causes of the decline. In order to save this native species we must restore large tracts of quality habitat and reintroduce the birds. Both sexes have a dark stripe that originates at the beak and runs through the eye to the base of the skull.

In males, the stripe above and below the eye is white, as is the throat . Adult plumage varies from chestnut to gray with rich browns on the back and white to buff on the breast and belly. Bobwhites are easy to keep and raise.

Several species of bobwhite quail are available to professional breeders. The Eastern bobwhite is the most common species in the wild and in confinement, but four other sp. This ground-dwelling bird is overall streaked or mottled reddish-brown and white, with a gray tail. Females are similar, except the white is replaced by buffy, yellowish brown, and the cap and face are not so dark.

In North Carolina, they are most plentiful in the eastern portion of the state and spotty but widespread in the Piedmont (found commonly near clear cuts and farm fields.) But anywhere . Some hens do this by mating with a male, laying their clutch and leaving it for him to incubate while they move . The amount, quality and availability of food and nesting areas affect population levels. Northern bobwhite quail populations in a given area are determined almost entirely by habitat conditions. They are also are found in forest openings, open woods, . However, in Texas, bobwhites can be found . Department of Natural Resources – Information for hunting bobwhite quail in Michigan. Like other quails , bobwhites require a mixed habitat: open areas where they can forage for foo as well as brush, tall grass or other cover where they can hide.

Adults grow to about inches long with 15-inch wingspan. The northern bobwhite quail is a small rotun ground dwelling bird. Females (aka hens) and immature quail have buff- colored . Males have a white throat with a white brow stripe.

There are nine species of resident small game in North Carolina including, three species of rabbits (Eastern cottontail, Appalachian cottontail, and marsh rabbit), three squirrels (fox, red and gray squirrels) and three birds ( quail , grouse and pheasants). Many differences exist between the species including their distributions, .

Learn more about these birds. This quail does not adapt well to human encroachment. Description — This small, chunky game bird has a mottled brown back and wings , and a grayish tail.

Photos courtesy of Megan Bowden.