Brony documentary

The Brony Chronicles is a two part documentary series that explores the world. Watch this unique doc exploring the world of Bronies , the adult community of My. Bronies : The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony is a feature length documentary film that explores the cultural phenomenon of Bronies. It spends too much time looking at uninteresting people and too little time observing the interesting ones. The film is structured around the journey.

A new documentary on Logo goes into the unconventional world of bronies , and reveals the extreme bigotry these My Little Pony fans face.

Michael Brockhoff is raising funds for BronyCon: The Documentary on Kickstarter! A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Sac Brony Management Team.

Sam Cooke and backers. Yes, there is a documentary about dudes who love My Little Pony. And obviously, Posh had to watch it. BBC TV documentary lifts the lid on the world of the Brony with Bristol-based group called the Severn Bronies.

When Ashleigh wraps Season of the show she receives an invite from the Brony community to attend BroNYCon (The Brony Convention in New York City).

Initially wary of accepting the invitation. This fan-based phenomenon, begun in. Some Brony fans have even . Intriguing,” I thought, and clicked “play.

Over the past few years, adult My Little Pony fans known as Bronies have received a lot of attention from media, including L. Read about cast, director and short plot summary. It collaborates with a number of people who are or used to be involved with the show and is financed via crowdfunding. For the uninitiate My Little Pony is a toy and . This is My Little Brony – Documentary by Rosie Lord on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the. I was thinking we could film some sort of documentary or short film about us, the Bay Area Bronies , and our surrounding environment: the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area! We are one of the most diverse brony communities in the worl and I think we should share our story.

From the beginning of the show, to the creation of . This documentary was entertaining and heartwarming, even forcing a few tears from me, which is something I had not experienced from a documentary before. However, the point should have been to inform people about what bronies really are and why it has become a phenomenon. At times I felt that this movie was made . But apparently i read a on it.