Wondering what a brony is? Read about My Little Pony, why men watch it, how the fandom starte and more. Bufret Oversett denne siden 1. For the uninitiate My Little Pony is a toy and . Older fans of the show use the word brony , a portmanteau of the words bro and pony.

Though this generally refers to male fans, the term is often applied to fans of either gender.

Another term, Pegasister, has been used to refer to older female fans of the show. Two informal surveys of 3and 0participants . Bronies, the grown men obsessed with My Little Pony. Should You be Scared of Porgs? It is also a place for members to introduce themselves, suggest meetup ideas, or discuss what they want out of the group. We meet on the third floor of the mall in the rec area behind the food court.

Afterwards we usually head to Uncles Games. Monthly Mall Meetup lør.

Stop and check this very cool shop. Woodburn, New South Wales. The fan videos might be the main reason anyone outside the brony community knows the show as a meme. Nerd blog Topless Robot, for example, is committed to following My Little Pony fan videos. Hey is there any bronys or pegasisters on kik.

The Earth Ponies werefollowed by Pegasus Ponies,Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Poniesand Sea Ponies. Finn telefonnummer, adresse og mer kontaktinformasjon. Try to keep things cringe worthy, just posting pony things does not mean it is cringe worthy. Please describe your content in the submission title. Bronys and dubstep a primer.

Mark things that are NSFW as such. Please check the last 1posts before posting your content to cut down on . See what people are saying and join the conversation. Mädchen lieben die bunten Plastikponys, die Zeichentrickserie „Mein kleines Pony“ ist ein Hit. Was aber bewegt erwachsene Männer, sich als Fans zu outen?

For all those fellow bronys out there who play roblox. If you want to join the clan just ask to be invited on the wall.

Be sure to check out our shop we have tshirts of almost everypony! Worldwide shipping available. We are a fun, loving group. Like the name suggests, we hold Apples, giveaways and lots of, well, fun stuff 😀 We like gaming aswell. Just look at our group hours!

Now Streaming: Stream Offline. Watching: How long until Pony Time? After the death of Jack, Hannibal and Will start to re-build.

Hannibal is determined to turn The House into something better and Will is only too happy to help. But with two kids, four Omegas to search for and Marcus Delaware to kill, they have a lot on their plate.