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Pressure systems in the process industry use different ways of sealing depending on the geographical region, size of the pressure system and the environment. There are regional differences in sealing types as well as industry preferences. For example, many pressure systems onboard ships use BSPP adapters while . Explanation and measurement of common thread standards including BSP and NPT and the difference between them.

Er det ikke BSP som er standard her i europa?

NTP er de amerikanske kone gjengene? Mener det er NTP jeg har på noen ventiler og greier. BSP er paralell-gjenger som har samme diameter på hele gjengepartiet og krever en tetning av en eller annen sort. NPT er koniske gjenger, de øker diameteren jo lenger inn på gjenge-partiet du kommer. Og NPT tetter på gjengene fordi jo lenger inn du skrur fittingsen jo strammere blir klaringen.

Trying to mix BSP and NPT in stripped thread and frustration. Threaded parts are specified by the .

Quick disconnect couplings come in a variety of end terminations, one of the most common being a pipe thread. Depending where you are in the world will determine which standard pipe thread is commonly used. Your application can also . Customers routinley confuse the thread differences between NPT and BSPP. This video is to help give a bit.

What is the difference between BSPP, BSPT and NPT Fittings? BSP , NPT , BSPP, BSPT – All these different standards can be very confusing! Of these the most important is the geographical location.

A description of the differences between NPT and BSP threads commonly. Metric Parallel male thread. Sealing is provided by a pre- coating on . Swivel Union Reducer page F61.

How compatible are NPT threads with BSP threads ? British Pipe Standard fittings are amongst the most popular of all foreign threads in the world today. These threads come in two versions: parallel ( BSPP ), and tapered ( BSPT ).

The thread flank angle for both tapered and parallel British threads is 55°. NOTE: It is a fairly common mistake to identify a BSPT (tapered) as an NPT. NPT male fittings have a taper thread that wedges into the . End Fitting Specifications.