Cat 336

The 336F L is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down while giving you all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability you need to succeed. Shipping Length of Unit, 36. Max Loading Height , 24.

Обзор гусеничных экскаваторов Caterpillar 336D L. The new Cat 336E H excavator utilizes a “hydraulic hybrid” system that captures and reuses energy. Cat says greater fuel efficiency is the net result—as much as percent greater than the 336D.

To achieve fuel savings, the design of the 336E H is relatively straightforwar using three technologies: 1) . Syltern – spesialister på masseflytting, terrengarbei vann- og avløpsarbei vegarbeid og havnearbeid. Vi har en del 0-1kult tilgjengelig for salg. Kontakt oss for gunstige priser. This is a brand new item in . Hi-Track Cat 3Bucket. The Cat 336F L XE Hybrid features an integrated design that conserves fuel, optimizes performance, and captures and reuses energy.

Favorilerime Ekle Favorilerimde. Material Type: Soil, heavily compacted.

Payload Measurement: By certified scale truck. Fuel Data: Caterpillar fuel meter recorded fuel consumption. Actual test result with expert operators in bench truck loading application.

It has a “smart” pump, boom works faster, and burns less fuel. Hillis-Carnes recently purchased a new CAT Excavator 3with a 50HD Rev Drill attachment (see above photo). With the drill mast mounted on an excavat.

The Caterpillar 336DL Excavator is the big dog of the excavation fleet at ihm Equipment company. Powerful enough for the heaviest loads, yet versatile for most applications, the Cat 336DL will be your go-to excavator for almost any job. With a wide array of factory-installed attachments, a comfortable and easy to use control . Machine Cut and Processed by Hand. Heavy Duty Year Rated Vinyl Sticker Set.

La serie D incorpora innovaciones para conseguir un mejor rendimiento y versatilidad. Respaldo total al cliente. Надежные и производительные экскаваторы Caterpillar Cat 3DL созданы на гусеничном шасси.

Эти машины предназначены для рытья грунтов и используются многими строительными и дорожными компаниями. Конструкция машины включает массивную стрелу, рукоять и ковш (куб. м), которые .