Composit tracks

We are a fast growing company with a team of sled enthusiasts that are driven by a passion for snowmobiles. We currently have 3employees, an in-house RD department, and our own production of rubber compounds. We have been producing snowmobile tracks since 19and in 20we started . FAQ ‎ Dealers ‎ Shop by fitment COMPOSIT-TRACKS composit-tracks. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Tracks by riders for riders. Мы производим гусеницы для зарубежных и российских снегоходов и снегоходной техники.

Знаем в этом толк, потому что снегоходы — наша страсть. Composit – Tracks , Kursk, Russia. Lure på om nån har noe erfaring med composit beltan ? Vurdere strekt å prøve talon mpå min AC M 80ltd 2014.

Rider: Johan Forsberg (Instagra@mynameisjohan) Track : Talon M66. The track is vital to putting the power from your sled to the trail. In terms of hole shot, as well as cornering, the track is one of the most important features of your sled. If your current snowmobile track is getting worn, cracke or you are simply . Valmistukseen käytetään vain parhaita materiaaleja, komponentteja ja koneita varmistamaan toimivuuden ja kestävyyden nykyaikaisiin tehokkaisiin kelkkoihin. Talon sarjan tela on suunniteltu erityisesti kuljettajille, jotka ajavat reiteillä tai muuten kovilla . Looking through the newest Amsnow magazine a noticed an ad for these folks.

Anyone have any experience with them. Flere resultater fra www.