Select targeted languages. French: conspécifique (fr) m , f. Conspecific definition, belonging to the same species. In biology, biological specificity is the tendency of a characteristic such as a behavior or a biochemical variation to occur in a particular species.

Biochemist Linus Pauling stated that. Pertaining to another organism (such as an animal) of the same species, or that has similar appearance as another. For example, Copperband Butterflyfish is a territorial species that it is likely to fight with conspecifics , especially in small community tanks. English dictionary definition of conspecific. Of or belonging to the same species.

An organism belonging to the same species as another. Dickie, Hurst, and Bellingham question some of the methods of our recent study . What is conspecific (adjective)? Define conspecific (adjective) and get synonyms.

The word sinister is . Definition of conspecific – Our online dictionary has conspecific information from A Dictionary of Plant Sciences dictionary. Forum discussions with the word(s) conspecific in the title: No titles with the word(s) conspecific. Biologybelonging to the same species. Origin of conspecificfrom conspecies, fellow species (see con- and species), modeled on specific. If you know what inter and intra . Examples of how to use “ conspecific ” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs.

Примеры использования conspecific в предложении из Cambridge Dictionary Labs. Geyer LB(1), Palumbi SR. Dixon SM(1), Coyne JA, Noor MA.