Corn drill

In what seems one of the most excruciating videos to watch on the internet, one girl learns the hard way why. TITTLE: Man uses drill to waste corn on the cob in seconds. Mom told you not to run with scissors.

But eating corn off a power drill ? That must have slipped her mind.

For the first few seconds, all seems to be going well . Bizarre moment a man uses a power drill to eat a whole corn on the cob in ten seconds. A woman from China who was left with a bald patch after her hair was caught during a challenge to eat corn off a power drill has released footage of herself pulling at remaining hair to prove it was not staged. Our parents taught us not to play with power tools for a pretty good reason, and now we have people out there putting cobs of corn on them, then into their mouth. A seed drill is a device that sows the seeds for crops by metering out the individual seeds, positioning them in the soil, and covering them to a certain average depth. The seed drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth, ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil and are saved from being eaten by birds.

A woman who lost part of her hair in an incredible internet stunt that sees people eating corn from a rotating power drill , has hit out at claims that her hair loss was fake. All you nee as demonstrated by one brave guy on the internet, is a power drill and teeth of steel.

I think that is the fastest way I ever seen someone try to ingest corn , If Dan had swallowed all that corn It. In the eye-watering clip, the man can be seen introducing the video and turning on the drill , causing the corn on the cob to begin rotating at a very high speed. The man initially looked confident. He attempted to take a bite from the corn. A Chinese woman got a large chunk of her hair ripped out while participating in a new internet challenge where people eat corn on the cob from a rotating power drill.

A man used a power drill to eat corn on the cob. Error loading player: No playable sources found. Move aside, Elon Musk, this man is the innovator the world needs today. Written and produced by Stephen Parkhurst. HUMANS are meant to be the most intelligent and tenacious creatures on the planet – what happened?

Listen live on your mobile device anytime and anywhere. A woman in China had a sizeable lock of hair ripped from her head while participating in the latest internet craze – eating corn on the cob from a rotating power drill. An odd new viral video trend lead to a girl ripping out her hair with a power drill.

Sure, eating corn on the cob off a drill sounds like a great idea, but there are dangers lurking within this seemingly placid pastime. The range includes gravity fed or pneumatic machines to provide drilling solutions for Combination and Solo. EATING CORN WITH DRILL GONE WAY TO WONG!

Equalizer model featuring front clod remover and farm flex rear wheel (Ø3mm, width: 1mm).

Seed hopper capacity: 35L. Scroll type fertilizer with delivery to each row, . New integrated pneumatic seed drill – extremely operator-friendly. Compact, light duty tractor mounted seed drill (m – m).

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