Corylus avellana

Den kan av og til bli nesten treaktig med ei skjermforma krone. Barken er først lys gråbrun med korte stive hår. Senere blir den blank og mørkebrun med lyse korkporer.

Gamle greiner kan ha furet grå bark. It is an important component of the hedgerows that were .

SVENSK: Hassel, Vanlig hassel. DANSK: Hassel, Almindelig Hassel. Dette kan også være en grunn til at mange av sortene er såpass hardføre.

Storhasselsortene har ekstremt mange synonymer, og hvert . Find out how to identify its leaves, find hazelnuts and learn about the wildlife it supports. The brown bark is shiny, and tends to peel away in horizontal strips. The twigs are covered in short . Several varieties may be foun with variations in their chemical composition and usages.

Due to their high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, hazelnut consumption plays a major role in human nutrition and health, beyond their . Thanks to recent appearances in some wonderful show gardens, this common native shrub is gaining in popularity when planted as a specimen multistem. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. It is in flower from Jan to April, and the seeds ripen from Sep to October. Ecologically, the nuts also serve as an important food supply to several animals and birds, especially during the winter. Våre erfaringer: Busk med opprett vekst og korketrekkeraktig , vridde grener.

Gule rakler i mars-april. Taxonomic Source(s):, The Plant List. Please note that these. In low sunshine, the pale sky provides the perfect backdrop for its dark and tortuously twisted branches. On dull , damp days raindrops collect in every nook and cranny – glistening along . Corylus glandulosa (Godet) Godet.

It is a stout shrub or a small tree with several stems growing from the base, rarely more than 6m (20ft) tall. It is often coppiced for firewood and other woodland products, it has yearlong interest. Естественный ареал лещины обыкновенной охватывает северо-западную часть Азии и Европу, от побережья Средиземного моря до Центральной Скандинавии и побережья Финляндии.

В Финляндии она растет в лиственных и смешанных лесах с богатой питательными веществами почвой. Show All Show Tabs common filbert.

Growth Habit: Shrub Tree. Native Status: CAN I LI. Bark coppery brown, smooth , sometimes exfoliating in thin papery strips. Leaves: petiole pubescent, covered with bristly . KOR-ih-lus av-el-AY- nah. This upright, tree-like shrub has heart-shape toothe mid -green leaves.

Pendent yellow catkins are borne in late winter and early spring. Strongly twiste spiraling shoots provide year-round interest. It is usually an understorey shrub, very common in naturally regenerated mixed-hardwood stands.

It can be found throughout. Kjennetegn: 2-meter høyt tre. Det kan se ut som en diger busk med mange stammer. Bladene er hårete med en taggete kant og en liten spiss ytterst.

Hårene gjør at bladene er mykere enn bladene på andre trær. Europe, from Norway to . Hassel blomstrer tidlig om våren med lange rakler før løvet spretter. Voksested: Hassel er et varmekjært tre .