The truck was loaded with flour sacks weighing kg each. Costal definition, Anatomy. Los obreros trasladaron el costal de cemento en una carretilla.

The workers moved the bag of concrete around in a wheelbarrow. English dictionary definition of costal.

Looking for online definition of costal in the Medical Dictionary? Meaning of costal medical term. Medical definition of costal : of, relating to, involving, or situated near a rib. We have the best prices on contact lenses and.

The costal cartilage are segments of cartilage that connect the sternum to the ribs and help to extend the ribs into a forward motion. This cartilage also contributes to elasticity within the walls of the thorax, allowing the chest to expand during respiration. There are twelve costal cartilage sections.

Anatomypertaining to the ribs or the upper sides of the body: costal nerves. Botany, Zoologypertaining to, involving , or situated near a costa. Fed up with holidaymakers being divebombed by greedy seagulls in horror movie scenes, one British costal area is fighting back by making it an offence to feed the birds. Medieval Latin costālis of the ribs, equivalent. Less than two hours north of Seattle, the Puget Sound costal waterways are surefire bet for romance this time of year.

We report five cases of coastal chondrosarcoma (CS) in four women and one man between and years of age. In four cases, the tumor had spread and infiltrated the adjacent structures (soft tissues, thoracic vertebrae, mediastinum, etc.). CS was diagnosed based either on wide surgical resection specimens in three . Autologous grafts such as split calvarial bone graft, iliac bone, costal bone, and costal cartilage have been used effectively with varying effects in nasal dorsal augmentation (NDA). It is reported that with proper carving and meticulous construction, augmentation rhinoplasty using costochondral material can produce . Biotechnol Appl Biochem.

Comparison of articular cartilage with costal cartilage in initial cell yiel degree of dedifferentiation during expansion and redifferentiation capacity. Lee J(1), Lee E, Kim HY, Son Y. Author information: (1)RD Institute, Modern Cell and Tissue Technologies Inc. Origin of costalFrench from Modern Latin costalis from Classical Latin costa, a rib.

The rib is harvested through an incision along the chest wall to remove the cartilage portion of the rib, leaving behind the bony portion of the rib. Typically the fifth or sixth rib are used for rhinoplasty (outlined in pink) due to their shape . Cleaned and sterilized using the patented. Epidemiology There is little published data on costal cartilage fractures. Most reported cases are in males and resulted from blunt trauma. Calcification of the costal cartilages is a subject of interest, as, with the possible exception of the pharyngeal cartilages, it is unique in showing ossification taking place throughout adult life.

It is shown that contrary to commonly accepted views, the calcification is not perichondral, but is central, and is in the nature of a true . They are thickened close to the sternum, and taper towards the costochondral junctions. For illustrations see Illus. In skeleton: Embryology of vertebrate skeletons …and forward to form the costal , or rib, element. It is only in the thoracic (midbody) region that the costal elements develop into ribs.

In the other regions the costal elements remain rudimentary (undeveloped).