Cotton viscose

ET GLANSFULLT KVALTITETSGARN SOM GIR ELEGANTE PLAGG MED GODE EGENSKAPER. Garnet er meget godt egnet til elegante antrekk, i detaljer eller kanter og det får et fantastisk resultat sammen med andre garn på grunn av sin skinnende effekt. Så langt lageret rekker.

En skinnende bomull og viscose -blanding som har flere tråder, og er . En luksuriøs bomullsblanding, perfekt til hekling! You can buy this yarn from (per 50g skein): 2.

Each suggested alternative has detailed advice and warnings about any differences. Garnbutikk på nett – Strikkeholmen. Virtually no one makes clothes made of pure cotton any more as they lose their shape very quickly and are very thick and heavy.

Рекомендуемый размер спиц: 5мм. Плотность вязания: 10см х 10см = 23п х 30р. Бережная машинная стирка, max 40°C. Инструкция по уходу: только ручня стирка в теплой воде, не отжимать и не сушить в стиральной машине, не выкручивать при ручном отжиме. Сушить в разложенном виде на горизонтальной поверхности.

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Очень хорошо подходит для элегантных нарядов, модных деталей и кромок, а так же дает потрясающий результат при комбинации с другой . Viscose has come up a lot in this space in the past. Nordic Mart – DROPS design one-stop source for Garnstudio yarns, free crocheting and knitting patterns, crochet hooks, buttons, knitting needles and notions. Perfect for a jacket, dress or skirt. The quick answer is that cotton is a natural fiber, while rayon is synthetic (or, man -made). Cotton and rayon fibers are both made.

While it is more absorbent than cotton , viscose is not nearly as strong when wet. The body oils and salts combined with the moisture can cause discoloration and weaken the fabric. Prompt washing after wearing is important to keep the clothes . Featuring a beautiful ombre effect, soft, nubby pile, and slightly mottled appearance, this rug is a clear choice for showcase spots like the office, master bedroom, or living room.

The delicate fibers of viscose -blend rugs are best suited . It is suitable for decorative details and edgings as well as doubling to add a touch of shimmer. Machine wash on delicates, lay flat to dry, iron on low heat. Do not tumble dry or bleach.