Critical haze

Due to high THC level this cannabis is very potent and has long lasting psychoactive effects. Great resin production and large yields, but most importantly, an amazing effect! Critical Haze marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid bred by Mr.

Flowering time is 8-weeks and yield is ounces. Read our full strain review! Haze Xtreme Outdoor Marijuana Tree – Duration: 13:17. Интернет-магазин Grower Syndicate Низкие цены. Доставка по всей Украине.

It is perfect for all kinds of extractions, as it is produces tasty, powerful and very . This is probably one of . Judge: Snafu Breeder: shantibaba (mr. nice seeds) Grower: Don the farmer ================================================= PHYSICAL EXAMINATION ========================================= ======== 1. Visual Appeal: Rate the visual appeal of the buds . Растишка приносит обильный урожай компактных смолистых шишек, наделенных кислым фруктовым ароматом с нотками пряностей. Они приносят долгоиграющий сативный хай, который бодрит тело и . Potent, langanhaltendes high. Buy these feminized seeds now. Grows from cannabis seed to bud in 8-Weeks.

Blütephase: über Tage. Versandgewicht: Kg . The fruitiness of the Critical Mass compliments the Afghan Haze male. В результате получилась сатива-доминантная конопля, достойная внимания . Онлайн-консультант ответит на все ваши вопросы. Super Silver Haze , one of the quickest flowering sativas, with the renowned clone of Critical Mass, which has sativa traces with a flower formation that is typical of indica hybrids.

Amnesia Haze x Critical Mass. Guaranteed potency and delivery. Legend: Click on any of the tabs to return to position on the wheel. Free shipping over $100! Cannabiscope: Interactive Wheel.

Procedencia: Critical Mass x SSH. Cosecha exterior: Mediados de Octubre. Las dos familias más demandadas del mercado combinadas entre sí por el mejor sommelier de nuestro banco. Genetics, Critical Mass x Afghan Haze.

Grows, Greenhouse, Grows indoors,Grows outdoors. Nice Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between Critical Mass and Afghan Haze. России – интернет-магазин GrowerZ, оплата Webmoney, ЯД, банковским переводом или по счету, экспресс доставка.