Crota’s end solo

Hey guys, first time posting (I think) here on the Bungie forums. I wanted to post it here in detail, but unfortunately it seems . This is a full solo clear from. I had previously soloed all sections except. An exact minute improvement over my first speedrun attempt. It turns out my assumptions from that previous.

I plan to now attempt to make a. After seeing many, many posts with you legendary guardians finding ways to solo all the parts of the rai except for Crota , I decided to make a. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 20. I have been trying with a Titan using Sunstriker, and a Hunter using Bladedancer (Invisibility). So I decided to spend a few days making and uploading videos with tactics that can help . Never attempted Flawless Raider before. I was looking at my GamerScore on XBand realized its the only. You CAN do this at lower . Like some of you, I still needed to get the flawless raider trophy on Destiny.

And as we all know, the crota raid. And while people got through bits and pieces of the raid by themselves, nobody managed to beat the entire thing solo. In this video you will see that i have successfully slayed a hive GOD.

Let me know what you guys think about the video in the comments section below. KograhGaming Feel free to check out my other videos. Guardians who feel they are at the top of the skill tree in Destiny will want to take some time to sit down and watch the video we embedded at the bottom of this article. Guardians must venture deep beneath the surface of the Moon to bring an end. While it’s a level rai that doesn’t mean players can’t reap a couple of the rewards from it… without being level … and without having a group.

As of this writing, it is possible for solo. Crota’s End is a raid in Ocean of Storms, Moon. The door with the chest . It is part of the Destiny.

At least one player must run into the light and reach the en which will advance the team to the next raid phase and drop loot. None of the tasks until this point require a fireteam, so it is possible to solo this chest. A feat that took a mere minutes.

Just a video showing a full solo clear on Hunter of the updated version of.