Norsk(e) navn: karpefamilien. Biologisk klassifikasjon: Rike: Dyreriket. ID=1Lignende Distribution: Freshwaters of North America (northern Canada to southern Mexico) , Africa, and Eurasia. Pharynx with 1-rows of teeth, each row with a maximum of teeth.

Usually thin lips, plicae . In ostariophysan: Annotated classification …years ago) to present.

Cyprinids are native to North America, . Minnow is often used to describe small silvery fish. Actually, minnow is the common name for the largest family of fishes found in North America. The Elephant, horned cattle, domestic poultry, etc. Home – Other Field Guides. Kingdom – Animals – Animalia.

Phylum – Vertebrates – Craniata. Class – Fish – Actinopterygii. Brassy Minnow Hybognathus hankinsoni.

Most popular carps and minnows (family cyprinidae ). Learn more about their biology, threats and conservation. Identifying fishes is easy with our tool! Almost 1species presented in several languages with accurate text and image content. With 0species, this is the largest family of freshwater fish in the world. Yet only 2of those species live in North America.

Most fish in this family do not have scales on their hea but do have scales covering the rest of their bodies. Gaubert P(1), Denys G, Oberdorff T. Припадају мекоперкама и већина их има ждрелне зубе који се налазе на последњим шкржним луцима. Живе у Северној и Јужној Америци, . Year, Scientific Name, English Name, Distribution, Max. Aaptosyax grypus, Giant salmon carp, Asia, 1SL.

Abbottina lalinensis, Asia. While highly variable in appearance, carps and minnows can be distinghished by the presence of soft and flexible fins with no true spines, a lack of teeth in its mouth and smooth-edge overlapping scales. Given the number of species . They also lack a stomach.

A review of Freshwater Fish Species, Genera, and Families, with notes on biology and behavior.