Common names include carnation (D. caryophyllus), pink (D. plumarius and related species) . Oftentimes, I am asked by customers for specific plants only by description. Dianthus flowers are also called “pinks. I find it is Firewitch dianthus that has caught their eye.

These sun-loving perennialls are ideal for flower borders! Learn more about it here.

Their flowers are abundant and long blooming making them perfect for small bouquets. With all types of dianthus plants available for delivery view our range online now. Check out more information about the dianthus perennial and explore tips for how to grow dianthus.

Fragrant flowers, excellent for cutting. This perrenial is an effective ground cover. Colors include pink, re lavender, white and many bicolors. Martha Stewart offers tips on how to plant several different varieties of dianthus. Set against silvery-green foliage, dianthus are a wonderful addition to any sunny spot with their frilly, tufted white, pink, red and mauve flowers.

Many dianthus boast two-coloured petals that are lace flecked or picotee (an outer margin of another colour, usually red).

They are also highly scented and are often chosen to be grown in a rock garden, or as an integral part of the planting in a cottage garden. Just follow our easy guide . Bright flowers, handsome foliage, and a penchant for lean soil make dianthus a popular addition to the perennial garden. Choose carnation seed and Sweet William seed for a spectacular cutting garden with old-fashioned appeal. Sort By: Sort By: Top Sellers, Sort By: Best Matches, Sort By: . From the small, brilliant-hued pinks to the full-sized powder-puff carnations, . They are grown for their prolific, colorful, disc-like blossoms, many of which are decoratively fringed and . These old-fashioned charmers with plain green or blue-green leaves and single or double white, pink, claret, scarlet or rose flowers, with plain or fringed edgings to the petals, are wonderful subjects for pots, . Members of this genus are called Pinks because their serrated petals seem to have been trimmed with pinking shears.

These popular perennials have been cultivated for centuries, and their blossoms add a nostalgic flair to any mixed flower bouquet. Beautiful summer-flowering pinks ( dianthus ) are short-lived perennials. They can be short or tall, depending on the species, which makes them ideal for many areas of your garden. They have beautiful blooms that will keep coming back if the spent blooms are removed or . This means you can sow it in February and begin enjoying flowers in May! In most climates the blooms will begin in late spring and continue through about midsummer, but in cooler areas you may find them beginning a . One species is native to North America.

Most are evergreen and can be low- growing subshrubs, annuals, biennials or perennials. Many hybrids, often of complex parentage, have been .

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