Dinosaur kale

Dino kale – also known as Tuscan kale, lacinato kale , black kale, or cavolo nero – is an incredibly hearty cooking green with dark almost blue-green or even black- green leaves and lots of earthy, nutty flavor. Used to make kale chips. Learn more about the cold-hardy vegetable here. There were some bitter encounters early on that led to unhappy meals and mutual mistrust.

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By whatever name, the sweeter, milder, blue-green, heavily crinkled strap leaves impart excellent flavor, especially harvested young and after . Leaves are very dark blue-green and heavily savoye sweetening with each frost. Our strain has been improved by breeder Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds and is exceptionally large, vigorous and cold . This is a technique that elevates basic sauteed greens into something even more savory and tender. A real workhorse, the deeply savoyed leaves with underturned edges on tall, upright stalks make for . Think spinach omelette, but even tastier!

Did you know that Kale, a cruciferous vegetable, is one of the healthiest vegetables around. It is a dark green, bumpy, very flavorful cousin of .

This is simply one of my favorite dishes, and it has a legendary place in the history of my marriage. My wife was not a fan of the vegetable—or of any vegetable. Fan might not be the right word.

Tuscan kale, also known as cavolo nero or lacinato kale and often marketed as dinosaur kale , is especially laborious to trim and clean, but worth seeking out for its distinctive flavor. To perk up limp leaves, trim the base of their stems and soak the kale . With its big, broad blue-green leaves and sweet flavor, dinosaur kale (Brassica oleracea Lacinato) is a favorite among gardeners and consumers. Also known as Tuscan kale, dinosaur kale was developed in Italy in the late 19th century. Kale with Garlic and Bacon.

Like other kale varieties, dinosaur kale is extremely nutritious, providing you with more . But they are definitely delicious. I can usually find three different kinds–curly, Tuscan (aka dinosaur ), and . Many frosts and a few weeks later I remembered what I forgot and ran out to find the baby kale in perfect condition. A perfect solution, I planted them in spring and the plants soon . A wholesome kale pasta with grated Parmesan, conchiglie pasta, and savory toasted breadcrumbs. Ready in under minutes, this pasta skillet is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

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A primitive, open variety of kale with dark bluish-green, long, narrow, deeply savoyed leaves. My first attempt at growing this beautiful and unusual kale and been a sweet success. Lacinato or dinosaur type. The plants reach two to . Unique leaf type: extra-dark green, noncurled but heavily blistered (savoyed).

Rich, tender leaves have a softer texture than. I had never heard of dinosaur kale until my internship at Fine Cooking Magazine. Growing up in the South, we certainly ate our share of greens, including kale, but never dinosaur kale.