Domesticated razorback

A mount collection item. Source: Alliance Gazrix Gearlock in Stormshield – Ashran. Domesticated does not mean friendly. Requires Exalted with Steamwheedle Preservation Society.

Horde Mimi Wizzlebub in Warspear – Ashran.

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Player Faction: Alliance Horde. Guide to Obtain: This mount is obtained froGazrix Gearlock in Stormshiel Ashran (Alliance). The joke is that a passerby saw Farmer Zeke out in a field with a domesticated razorback hog.

It was amazing enough that a farmer had managed to tame a razorback, but Farmer Zeke had gone . The first was called the great swine, a half-wil half- domesticated razorback often illustrated in medieval manuscripts. The other — small, mean, and not easily domesticated — was known in Polish as swamp hog (Sus scrofa palustris ), which not only captures a sense of its fierce independence, but also hints at its. When pigs become feral, they revert to the old sexual selection regime, and these sex differences reemerge.

The famous razorbacks of the southeastern United States exemplify . Unlike previous reputation mounts, these will not only cost 0gol but also 0apexis crystals.

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