Drip electronics

Does anyone know about the quality and likeness of these recreations as compared to the originals? I was thinking about buying one and having a buddy of mine who is a studio tech put it together for me and was just wondering if any one has any experience with their products. In a majority of cases, the absolute worst motive for undertaking a DIY electronics project is cost savings. Gear builds are gratifying for a number of reasons, but factors like economies of scale dictate that you will often end up spending an amount approaching (or exceeding) the cost of a comparable ready-made unit. Drip electronics BA-6A compressor test nevermind drums.

To quote the Drip website, “THIS IS THE FAIRCHILD CIRCUIT. Like the originals, the Drip 6and 6use ten transformers and twelve tubes in the signal path for each channel. Well folks I am sure that due to the incredible web interest in the DIY aspect of the famous La2a compressor, it is worth posting here the progress of my now pending build. Any prices quoted will be in Australian dollars unless otherwise noted. Tat Parusha caseSowter and Hammond Transformers EH and JJ TubesMogami.

Drip Electronics 6Fairchild Compressor Clone Custom BuiltDrip Electronics PCB V. RJDhas had quite the curious career. Holy moly, what a project. Here you can find one of the best PCB offers in the world for your DIY projects!

Regards, Purusha May the DIY force be with you! People who viewed this item also viewed. Fully Shrouded package style S. Choice of World Wide or European primary. V (for Selenium bridge rectifier) tapped at 24V (for Silicon bridge rectifier) at 2mA.

This is similar to the original Triad part f-40x but has.