Etiolated definition, to cause (a plant) to whiten or grow pale by excluding light: to etiolate celery. Synonyms for etiolated at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. English dictionary definition of etiolated.

Botany To cause to develop without chlorophyll by preventing exposure to sunlight.

Meaning of etiolated medical term. What does etiolated mean? Define etiolated (adjective) and get synonyms. Attested since the mid-18th century. Pronunciation of etiolated.

Adjective (comparative more etiolated , superlative most etiolated ) 2. Blanched because of sunlight deprivation or excessive exposure to sunlight. Birds inhabiting desert regi.

Etiolated Seedling Development Requires Repression of Photomorphogenesis by a Small Cell-Wall-Derived Dark Signal. Sinclair SA(1), Larue C(1), Bonk L(2), Khan A(1), Castillo-Michel H(3), Stein RJ(1), Grolimund D( 4), . Either etiolated seedlings or their upper parts comprising the apical hook and the cotyledons were frozen in liquid nitrogen and ground in a mortar. Three-hundred mg of the resulting powder was mixed with 6μL extraction buffer containing 0. M Tris-HCl, pH mM EDTA, 0. The potato tuber is a swollen stem. Sprouts growing from the tuber nodes represent loss of apical dominance and branching. Long cold storage induces loss of tuber apical dominance and in secondary branching.

Here we show that a similar branching pattern can be induced by short heat . Posts about Etiolated cactus written by Laidback Gardener. The growing of etiolated seedlings in the presence of BHT in strong changes in all cellular organelles and the appearance of a few new and anomalous structures in the cell. In the coleoptile cells of etiolated seedlings grown in the presence of BHT, but not in control plants, gigantic multibladed nuclei of irregular . Etiolated growth in darkness or the irreversible transition to photomorphogenesis in the light engages alternative developmental programs op- erating across all organs of a plant seedling.

Dark- grown Arabidopsis de- etiolated by zinc (dez) mutants exhibit morphological, cellular, metabolic,. Do etiolated plants contain a different nutrition than the normal ones? I grow rice plants in laboratory condition with cool white bulb as light source.

It shows etiolation symptoms in almost all plants, the stems become longer than the normal one. Does the etiolated plant have different content (concentration of nutrition) with . Words and phrases that rhyme with etiolated : (result). Title: Etiolated (plant), to become. Subject terms: Gardening.

Original Version (ARTFL):, Link. Source: Russell, Terence M. Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Manic depressive doom metal from NC. In the absence of light signals, the growth modulation of etiolated seedlings is determined by the coaction of a variety of plant hormones (12⇓⇓⇓–16).

For example, Gibberellin (GA) is known to promote hypocotyl elongation and repress photomorphogenic gene expression in darkness within the context of . Etiolated Avena seedlings have been treated with phosphates (P) and light (L) in a factorially arranged experiment. While L inhibited cell division irrespective of the presence of P, a differential effect on .