Meaning of exudation medical term. What does exudation mean? Sixth Edition, Volume I Arnold Cooley.

This event also depends upon the quantity and . An exudate is a fluid emitted by an organism through pores or a woun a process known as exuding.

Exudate is derived from exude, to ooze, from the Latin exsūdāre, to (ooze) out like sweat (ex- out and sūdāre to sweat). The act, process, or condition of exuding, i. Plants and animals create their own exudations too. Funnily enough, while the noun exudation almost always refers to a physical discharge of flui the verb, to exude has a far more figurative meaning.

Synonyms for exudation at Thesaurus. Exudation is a geomorphic weathering process involving the splitting off, granulation or distintegration of small rock fragments from the parent mass by the force of crystallization of intergranular (interstitial) salts or ice. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

Plasma exudation in the airways: mechanisms and function. Author information: (1)Dept of Clinical Pharmacology, University Hospital of Lun Sweden. Inflammatory challenges of tracheobronchial and nasal mucosa produce prompt extravasation or exudation of . In severe burns, the body loses large amounts of nitrogen, in the urine and by exudation from the burned body . Although root exudation clearly represents a significant carbon cost to the plant, the mechanisms and regulatory processes controlling root secretion are just now beginning to be examined. Root exudates have traditionally been grouped into low- and high-M r compounds. However, a systematic study to determine the . Exudation : an expanding technique for continuous production and release of secondary metabolites from plant cell suspension and hairy root cultures.


Since the amount and composition of major metabolites in root exudates from one plant species have not yet been systematically compared under different nutrient deficiencies, relations between exudation. Several reports suggest a higher secretion of SLs when mycotrophic plants are . Club weapon skill Geomancer Level: 9 Description: Attack varies with TP. The series of events in the process of inflammation are: Vasodilation: leads to greater blood flow to the area of inflammation, resulting in redness and heat.

Vascular permeability: endothelial. In serous exudation , just very small molecules of protein get out of the blood stream and into the tissue. With fibrinous exudation , the vascular insult is more severe, and larger holes develop, allowing fibrinogen to get out into the tissue as well. When fibrinogen reaches tissue, it turns into fibrin. Fibrinous exudation is always . Chaparro JM, Badri DV, Bakker MG, Sugiyama A, Manter DK, et al.

IT is usually assumed that bleeding or exudation from stumps and cut stems occurs because the sap in the xylem is under positive pressure. It is also usually assumed that the sap exuding from stumps or holes in stems actually issues from the opened xylem ducts. A few years ago James and Baker.

Lp is the conductivity of the root to osmotic water movement and II, is the osmotic pressure of the xylem sap, is useful but has limitations. II, is difficult to measure because the exudate is not always a reliable sample of the xylem sap. The rate of exudation was predicted by the relation.

In order to understand the mechanism of metabolite exudation , we needed to enhance the exudation process through a mechanical stress by gently pressing the sponge without damaging its surface. As expecte this mechanical stress increased the total amount of specialized metabolites in the particles of . Walker, Harsh Pal Bais, Erich Grotewol and Jorge M. Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture ( T.S.W., H.P.B., J.M.V.), Cellular and Molecular. Extracellular release of phytoplankton was investigated in the upper middle River Meuse (Belgium) in order to estimate the contribution of this process as a source of dissolved organic matter in the system. Biology Graduate Program (J.M.V. ), and . Particulate primary production, exudation and reassimilation of exudates by free-living and . Metabolism and root exudation of organic acid anions under aluminium stress.

Metabolismo e exsudação de ânions de ácidos orgânicos sob estresse de alumínio. ICentro de Biologia Molecular e Engenharia .