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Now, at 5 he keeps a lot more of thearound 1. Futuristic egg-shaped enclosures among techniques to be used to counter multiple threats. Fine wine returns outperform UK blue-chips and gold. The futuristic-looking marine egg concept is a closed unit to protect the fish backed by leading . It may represent the first step towards a new era in aquaculture.

Based on world- class Norwegian aquaculture and offshore technology, Ocean Farm aspires to address central issues related to sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry.

Recent from the official Norwegian fish -feed control program showed that ethoxyquin levels were well below the limits set by the EU. The use of antibiotics in Norwegian Salmon farming has plummeted . The seafood industry has been one of the major growth industries . Built by Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, a subsidiary of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the semi-submersible structure was . This is a very important step towards the protection of wild Atlantic salmon stocks, many of which are under threat from a variety of dangers. The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), NASF . NOFITECH modulen, markedets mest utprøvde storskala RAS-anlegg. The shipping vessel Hua Hai Long will transport the semi-submersible structure to Frøyfjorden this afternoon, according .

They must also check if there are problems, and there is one particular problem they are coming . Is farmed salmon as healthy to. Scientists have started to breed fish which have a special liking for consuming salmon lice. The preference for salmon lice.

Healthier, stronger, bigger: this is a goal for Norwegian farm -raised salmon—and Harald Takle is their personal trainer. The latest aquaculture and fish farming news. Marine Harvest: Northern Harvest deal strategically significant. New study highlights risks to industry, and wild fish.

Andrew Nikiforuk is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about the energy industry for two decades and is a contributing editor to The Tyee. Last month, more than 300Atlantic salmon escaped from their floating farm into the Salish Sea, . The two platforms are specially designed for fish farming operations in harsh environment, and have a capacity for 6tons of fish fee as well as separate areas for storage, . However, he does not let his emotions take control when things don’t go as expected. We are visiting the city of Fredriksta just about an hour’s train-ride outside Oslo.

Waves4Power has unveiled plans to provide fossil-free energy supply produced from its wave energy technology for the fish farming industry. Waves4Power launched the Green Power EcoSystem (GPES) initiative, whose goal is to provide power to the fish farms by using its WaveEL wave energy . Read more at straitstimes. Norway – Fish – Farm -Aerial.