Fish stock

As with most classic preparations, fish stock comes with lots of rules. This stock is even easier to put together than Strong Fish Stock. It has a more delicate seafood flavor, and it is not as gelatinous as the Strong Fish Stock , making it very. This recipe uses a technique called sweating to extract maximum flavor from every ingredient.

Although sweating adds a step, this stock is still effortless to make and takes only five minutes longer to cook than the Traditional Fish Stock. A fantastic stock to add depth of flavour to your favourite fish dishes. This basic recipe takes just half an hour to make and only a handful of ingredients. Fish stock , or fumé, is great for making fish soups, chowders and sauces.

This recipe relies on lean, white fish and makes a wonderfully flavorful broth for rice, soup, pasta, etc. How to make fish stock at home. Fish stock forms the basis of many dishes, particularly fish soups and sauces.

In the West, it is usually made with fish bones and fish heads and finely chopped mirepoix. This fish stock should be cooked for 20–minutes—cooking any longer spoils the flavour. Concentrated fish stock is called fish fumet. Rinse the fish bones and trimmings of any bloo which would make the stock look cloudy and taste bitter.

Roughly chop the parsley, including the stems, and add to the stockpot. Chop the fennel and carrots roughly and add to the stockpot. Put all the ingredients into a large pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and skim off any scum that has formed. Cover and simmer very gently for 20- minutes.

Strain into a large bowl and allow to cool. To freeze, reduce the stock by half by boiling vigorously and cool. Use within days or freeze. For this all-purpose stock , a gentle simmer, rather than a boil, releases the flavor in collagen-rich fish bones without allowing them to cloud the water. Shrimp shells and almost any aromatic can also be added.

A homemade fish stock recipe perfect for enriching the flavor of Spanish paella. This can be a base for many soups and stews, and when making our Caribbean Bouillabaisse. A fish dish is incomplete without the deep, rich seafood flavours only Knorr Fish Stock Pots can provide.

Melt one into your cooking and sail away on the taste of the sea. I had prawn shells and fish heads left over once, I thought it was such a shame to throw it all out. So I came up with this recipe.

You can freeze it in small portions to use when you want.