Flower sprouts

For all the attempts by fashionable chefs to dress them up with pancetta, chestnuts or even hazlenut chimichurri, for many people there remains something fundamentally unpalatable about Brussels sprouts. So it comes as something of a surprise to find that the humble – and much maligned – sprout has. This delicious vegetable is now available at select retailers.

They resemble colorful flowers or rosettes — green, re and bicolor — that develop on stalks of tall, upright plants much like Brussels sprouts. The tender, mildly flavored sprouts have a .

Kålen er vakker å se på, som en liten blomst med grønnlilla sjatteringer. Derav navnet flower sprout. Kålen er på størrelse med en rosenkål, og er på grunn av dette rask å tilberede. Med sin blomliknande form och mörkgröna till violetta blad är de även dekorativa. Goda att steka, gratinera eller äta råa.

I övriga Europa kallas den är sorten för Kalettes och . They are dense with minerals and nutrients including powerful antioxidants. They have a mild nutty flavour and are sweeter than Brussels sprouts.

Tipped as the next big produce hybrid to make its mark on the UK food lover’s consciousness, the tiny cabbage-like flower sprout is starting to prove its worth, so much so that Tozer Seeds UK is rebranding the the vegetable as ‘Kalette’ to cash-in on the continued kale effect and looking to breed new . Steamed flower sprouts. It looks like tiny cabbage, on a sprout stalk, with green frilly leaves and streaks of purple. It tastes like a subtle sprout with the nuttiness of kale. And its extremely versatile – steam, stir fry, boil, blanch . Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea.

A new class of vegetable bred by crossing Kale and Brussels Sprouts to resemble colourful flowers or rosettes on stalks of tall upright plants just like Brussels Sprouts. The flowers have a taste and texture similar to Kale, suited to steaming, sauteing, stir . An exciting new British bred cross between Kale and Brussels sprouts, producing open rosettes of kale like frilled edged buttons on a tall long stalk. For those less keen on Brussels sprouts the flavour is of spring greens with purple, green or bi-coloured leaves. The plants are very productive, winter hardy.

Flower Sprouts Kalettes F1. Buy Waitrose flower sprouts online from Waitrose today. Free delivery – TCs apply. This variety is extremely winter hardy.

A recent introduction to the vegetable garden , the result of crossing a brussels sprout and curly Kale resulting in a heathy and nutritious vegetable.

Tasty small green and purple sprouts with curly leaves ideal for adding to stir fries. What would the Christmas Turkey be without them? The older varieties of Brussels Sprouts.