Favorite champion is Ahri. His motto is Raise your standard. THe dude who did the 3k elo orianna shockwave. What actually happened to Forellenlord ? Any idea about where Forellenlord is? Bufret Oversett denne siden Enjoying the show? to follow this channel and get notifications when it goes live!

Hi lol nerds, followers, folks, youngsters and oldsters, Gotta do an announcement: Some may already knew, some hear some did guess, I am going to leave my Team. Or better formulated: They replaced me. USD in prize money won from tournaments. Carl ForellenLord Lückmann was previously the mid laner for Team ALTERNATE.

Country, City, Germany, Bochum (44xxx). Main team, Team ALTERNATE LoL Cup. Total prize money won: $1501. Game: League of Legends. No social media presence.

NaVi Kottenx on hes side, hes so good! Comment below rating threshol click here to show it. More streams for this event. So, trashtalk was pretty much on the line in the third . This website uses cookies. By further browsing you consent to such use.

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G2Perkz with the ForellenLord cosplay in game 1:pic. Fri, Oct at 8:PDT – streamed for hours. Dota – hours ( ). HIGHLIGHT Orianna Ult- LCS Forellenlord (Giants v. ATN). Your browser does not currently recognize any of . Carl “ ForellenLord ” Lückmann manages to execute one of the most memorable turnaround teamfight plays in professional history.

Axeclaw Helm of the Peerless. The 3k elo Shockwave is a.