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We deliver satellite based forest monitoring services. With our technology we can measure biomass as well as monitor growth, degradation, clear cutting, storm loss or forest fires . Finn veibeskrivelse, kontaktinfo, regnskapstall, ledelse, styre og eiere og kunngjøringer. Revisor, Slm Revisjon AS.

Regnskapsfører, Complete Consulting AS.

Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene. Verktøy for forvaltning av skog- og miljøverdier gjennom analyser av 3D- satelittbilder. Kontakt Kjeller Innovasjon.

Global Forest Watch provides up-to-date and interactive information on forest cover for governments, the private sector, NGOs, journalists, universities and the general public. We talked to Director Crystal Davis about how it works, its achievements and its future plans. Making carbon credit projects profitable by using cutting edge forest analysis through satellites.

Forest Vision delivers satellite based forest monitoring services.

With their technology they can measure biomass, as well as monitor growth, . Vision Forestry is a full-service forestry consulting firm located in Salisbury, Maryland and serving forest landowners in Delaware, Marylan and Virginia. The firm specializes in managing conservation-oriented landowners that wish to be certified under national or international forest certification standards. The mission of the Global Forest Coalition is the observation and restoration of forest eco-systems and traditional knowledge, to defend and promote respect for the rights and territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, through promoting sustainable livelihoods that secure the co- existence . I United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountam Fishlake Region National Forest The Fishlake National Forest is an example of . Forests are important to Finns in many ways and they are our main natural resource. Forests provide habitats for tens of thousands of species.

Forestry, intensive land use, and ditching of peatlands have had a major effect on Finnish nature. EUSTAFOR – Strong Voice for Sustainability and Use of Forest Resources. EUSTAFOR is recognized as a strong and well-coordinated voice of European state forest management organizations at EU and pan- European level.

EUSTAFOR member organizations provide valuable, professional and . A personal meeting with the Spirit of the Forest and the realms of beyond. The Vision Quest is our most profound program for a total recall. After an initial ceremony in the Temple we go down to our incredible river area where we remain as a group in silence and in consecration of the sacred brew for days.

As official photographer for the New Zealand Forest Service, his brief was to promote the principles of sustainable forestry.

As a conservationist and . Italian architect Stefano Boeri dreams big and green. He has created six bol transformational ideas for a bio-diverse metropolis that could be installed in and around the city of Milan, to establish transitional states between the city, nature and agriculture and provide energy sources for a new model of . OUR MISSION : Hereford Community Forest is a large private forest managed by and for the community. Its component properties are owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (Neil and Louise Tillotson Nature Reserve , dominant tenement) and Forêt Hereford inc.