Gadus morhua

Torsk ( Gadus morhua ), eller mer nøyaktig atlanterhavstorsk, er en fiskeart i torskefamilien. I norsk sammenheng er denne arten den kommersielt viktigste matfisken i denne familien og brukes veldig mye i norsk tradisjonsmat. It is also commercially known as cod or codling.

Dry cod may be prepared as unsalted stockfish, as cured salt cod or clipfish. In the western Atlantic Ocean, cod has a distribution north of Cape Hatteras, North .

Gadus morhua is commonly known as Atlantic cod and can be found along the eastern and northern coasts of North America, along the coasts of Greenlan and from the Bay of Biscay north to the Arctic Ocean, including the Atlantic waters around Icelan the North Sea, and the Barents Sea. : Encyclopedia. Torsken kjennes igjen på den lange, ofte tykkmagete kroppen og den tydelige skjeggtråden under haken. Fargen til torsken kan variere etter leveste og f. Torsk forekommer fra fjæra og ned til over 6meters dyp, . FAO Marine Fishing Areas:.

Editio decima, reformata. Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae.

Morrhua americana Storer . This file contains a global overview of the aquaculture species Gadus morhua. European Commission – Information about different fish species. Distinguished by a distinctive elongated hairlike structure called a barbel that hangs from their chin, they also have three dorsal fins, two anal fins, and broom-shaped tails. In appearance, the head is rather disproportionately large for the body, with the upper jaw protruding over the lower. The colour of the body can vary depending on the habitat in which the fish is foun but ranges from . Stages of embryonic development in the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua.

Hall TE(1), Smith P, Johnston IA. Author information: (1)Gatty Marine Laboratory, University of St. The early development of the Atlantic co . Herrero B(1), Madriñán M, Vieites JM, Espiñeira M. Appearance: With its large head and gaping mouth lined with small teeth, the cod can hardly be confused with any other of . Torsk känner man igen på den marmorerade färgteckningen, unik bland svenska torskfiskar.

Det är en marin fiskart som också trivs i bräckt vatten. Unga torskar är slanka och långsträckta, men med tilltagande storlek . The cod were fed a commercial DANA feed ( lipid), and mm pellet, throughout the week acclimatization period until start of the experiment. At the start of the experiment .

Atlantic cod ( Gadus morhua ) fry were obtained from Tveit Fiskeoppdrett in Austevoll and produced from light-manipulated eggs of wild caught fish.