Galloway cattle

It is now found in many parts of the worl such as Canada, the United States and Australia. Their long, curly outer-coat is ideal for rainy weather, as its . Though the breed has never attained the prominence of other beef breeds . Price: £per calendar including postage (International £11). We watched the great frame race of the last two decades, and kept our cattle moderate in size and mature weight – even though it was unfashionable to do so.

Have you heard of the Oreo cow? People that visit our farm are always fascinated by our strange-looking cattle. This rare breed of cattle originally comes from the highlands of Scotland. Efficient grazers and browsers, they readily consume and fully utilize brush and coarse grasses that most breeds spurn. They are sometimes called an “Oreo” . It is the oldest known British breed on recor and the oldest known polled beef breed in the world.

Lagets formål er å fremme avlen av rasen og å arbeide for medlemmenes interesser.

Often referred to as the “Oreo Cookie Cow”, adults and children alike delight in seeing these wonderful, rare farm animals. During our Educational Programs, you can view them grazing in our fields when you join us for . It is one of the longest established meat cattle breed in the world. Welcome to Driftwood Plantation LLC located in Awendaw, South Carolina near Charleston. Let us help you put together a group or select an individual that suits your . Galloway beef is flavorful. Geographical – historical info.

Celtic cattle must have been the source of both the West . Part of a National Trust partnership project in the Lake District. Their rugged nature and double hair coat adapt perfectly to Ohio fluctuating weather patterns. Beef Cattle for sale in Ireland.

BELTED GALLOWAY BEEF AT RULES. This heritage breed produces beef that is naturally lean, incredibly low in saturated fat, good for your health, and delicious! Rare Breeds livestock of New Zealand. Black is a dominate trait preventing other colors within a black her except a rare red colored animal due to the red recessive gene.

Courtesy of Steven Castner.

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