From the torture museum of Freiburg im. Garotte Bufret Lignende En garotte (også stavet garrote og garrotte) er et kvelningsredskap, gjerne bestående av en lenke, et tau eller en vaier som legges rundt halsen på offeret bakfra og strammes. Garotten er brukt som henrettelsesredskap, da normalt med en mekanisme som strammer snoren fremfor stramming for hånd.

This video details how an execution with a garrote works! Garrote : Garrote ,, device used in strangling condemned persons. In one form it consists of an iron collar attached to a post.

The “ Garrote ” (Spanish. Garrote , dar garrote – wrenching, tightening, execution). A Spanish method of punishment and torture.

Employed as the following types of torture: “the nobleman Garrote ” involved saddling the condemned man on a horse to the place of his execution, and he was able to give the signal for his . The Garrote Wire is an improvised weapon often used for assassinations, a stealthy way to. Synonyms for garrote at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. A threa made of some material, used to strangle a target, usually either in an assassination or an execution, i. A purpose-built garrote is usually made of Nylon or a strong metal, and .

A method of execution formerly practiced in Spain, in which a tightened iron collar is used to strangle or break the neck of a. English dictionary definition of garrote. To garrote someone is to strangle him or her with a cord or wire. Outside the United States it is spelled garrotte. It is a wire with a handle at each end that is wrapped around the neck and twisted to make tight.

Garrote the enemy, causing (8 of Attack power) Bleed damage over sec. A garrote is also the device with which someone is strangled. Assassination (Level 42)Silences the target for sec when used from StealthAwards combo point. Første person entall konjunktiv presens av garrotar. Tredje person entall konjunktiv presens av garrotar.

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The Spanish had responded to the insurgency with characteristic brutality. The mob boss was known for having his enemies executed with a garrote of . Een garrote (ook garotte), van het Spaanse garrote vil = schandstok, is een instrument voor de voltrekking van de doodstraf, waarbij de veroordeelde aan een paal vastgebonden wordt. Het Nederlandse equivalent is de wurgpaal. In vroegere uitvoeringen legde de beul het slachtoffer van achteren een lus om de hals, die .

Перевод контекст garrote c английский на русский от Reverso Context: And the garrote was used postmortem. Its always been used only during stealth before. Out of stealth garrote adds at least million damage to the boss in a fight and I never knew about it. You just add it to your rotation and bam!

Hope this helps other assassination . The garrote is an exotic weapon. However, it is a bonus weapon proficiency of any class that has the sneak attack special ability, including rogue and assassin. Using a garrote requires two hands. It is ineffective against a character with metal neck protection, such as comes with any form of heavy armor. Description: In order for you to use a garrote , your opponent must be helpless or unaware of you.

You must make a grapple check (though you avoid the –penalty for not having two hands free) to successfully begin garroting your opponent. Sneak attack damage does not apply to a garrote. Your garroted opponent must .