Goats on dam

With split hooves and rubber-like soles, the Alpine ibex is able to climb a near- vertical rock face. A female Alpine Ibex, a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps, licks salty stones. The death- defying goats make clinging. Italian park officials have speculated that these Alpine ibex make precarious ascents up the dam to lick the salt off the stones—but, as with any instance of animal behavior, to call this their motivation is rather bold.

Alpine ibex have been filmed scaling an almost vertical dam in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy to lick the minerals on the rocks.

Mountain goats have no problem applying their gravity defying climbing skills to manmade structures like hydro-electric dams if it means finding a good salt lic. In this video, the Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) slowly navigates the sheer dam , a feat that makes tightrope walking look easy. They slide, tiptoe, and gallop up and down . While it may be a testament to the impressive . Look closer at the left corner.

Or, more specifically, an Alpine ibex. And the rest of the shadows are all the same.

Additional photographs from . THE term climb like a mountain goat takes on new meaning after viewing this amazing video from Italy. With their split hooves and rubber-like soles, the goats are able to scale the vertical dam wall with total ease. From afar, it appears that the Ibex are floating or “stuck” against the 160-ft concrete wall. Cingino Dam ) in northern Italy. Pictures this week of goats grazing on a precipitous dam wall in Italy are jaw- dropping.

But why and how do they do it? Turns out they need the nutrients for their strict vegetarian diet. Goats engage in increasingly bizarre and perilous feats of climbing.

Were you bitten by a radioactive spider in your motherfucking goat science exhibit? Are you going to crime fight with your spidy powers? Gold stars for you goats. Cf_NCEUU The Antrona Valley Natural Park in Nnorthern Italy is home to a heard of goats that have been climbing a near-vertical Alpine Dam in an amazing fashion.

The goats , or ibexs, climb the crazy face in order to lick of salt from the dams wall. Wild AnimalsFunny AnimalsCute AnimalsSmall AnimalsNature AnimalsBaby AnimalsAmazing PhotosAmazing FactsMountain Goats. Nature has blessed every living being with survival instincts and has also equipped them to deal with the challenges they face on .

I guess this goat is balancing on a lower lip’s worth of footing. This looks like your ordinary dam. These are goats , Alpine ibexes. Until you look a little closer.