Goats yelling like humans

We provide the video, you decide! When the internet discovered that screaming goats sound a lot like screaming humans a weird trend was born! Here are the funniest yelling goat videos. A few weeks ago a video of goats screaming like humans went viral, so unsurprisingly, the same guys are back with a sequel.

These goats make some pretty unbelievably funny, human – like noises.

In fact, somewhat ridiculously, that video has been watched 11. Goats are loveably weird . Do they yell for any particular reason? Are they trying to tell us something?

We asked the goat experts. If you spend a lot of time either a) watching funny animals videos on the internet or b) on a farm, you might have noticed a curious phenomenon. Namely, that – unlike their sheep cousins, say – goats.

Yes, you need to watch it with the sound on.

First you ignore them, then you laugh at them, then you fight them, then they win. What do you get when you record goats yelling like humans and create a supercut of the ? A compilation of goats making some strange, human noises. A video of goats screaming like humans is making the rounds on the Internet. Why is this nonsense so popular?

Mudbloods4Voldemort 1points1points 1points years ago (children). My sister and brother used to raise goats for the livestock show. Her grandchild made sure she had her fanny pack while she received her lifetime achievement award. We feel like we told you exactly who did it!

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! And after one or two times of serious human -ish distress calls, listening to goats yelling on fills you with trepidation because you never know when some ignorant fuck is going to stick a video of a truly upset goat in there and you will bolt upright in your chair as your body say COYOTES IN THE . Private citizen loosely connected to television. The magic starts at 0:43.

All these goats sound JUST LIKE screaming humans in this funny compilation video! UPROXX) Rupert Grint Cast in CBS . And why do they sound so much like humans ?

But the first thing to realize is that not all goats do sound like humans. Instea they each have distinctive voices, Luginbuhl explained. While some individual goats may yell like humans , others have different voices and may . CBS) Yes, these are real goats.

Check out the video below of goats yelling exactly like humans. Now this, dear reader, is entertainment. You can have your “Grumpy Cat” your “adorable babies” and your “awesome year old guitar players.

This is really simple: these are goats who sound like people. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked . Basically, the video is exactly what it describes itself as in the title I used and is just a supercut of a bunch of goats yelling like humans. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

They do a pretty good job, which is to say they sound about as much like goats as the goats sound like humans.