About time you found my channel, man. I make my videos using MS Paint, Windows Movie Maker and occasionally OBS. Here is the place to discuss anything to do with Grade and his videos.

Just make sure whatever you submit follows the rules! Any content that breaks the following rules will be remove and an appropriate punishment will be given. He is known for his comedic style of commentary videos on various subjects. Discover daily channel statistics, estimated earnings, gradeaundera ranking charts, and more!

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ROBLOX owned by Khroa with members. But we will mainly focus on GradeAUnderA ! Grade also livestreams on Twitch, usually playing video games. He kept his real identity.

Well what are you waiting for man? God damn join the group already mate! A big chin fellow that is extremely clever and is a gift from god.

NoStinkingBadges provided good info so this is now in Lolcows. Merry Christmas everyone! Just a quick post to provide proof that this is the gradeaundera. I got an instagram follower!

To thank her for having such awesome choice in people. The GradeAUnderA Game on Scratch by BoltTwister_Shorts. Пожалуйста, уточните критерии поиска для более точных результатов.

Неверный логин или пароль. He is, as you might expect, a self-proclaimed comedian who is just as painfully unfunny as his idol PewDiePie. Song Requests: GradeAUnderA.

Ken Ashcorp – Touch Fluffy Tail — Ken Ashcorp. Title, Artist, User, Length. Also video editing performance and rendering, if you have.