Greening the desert

This small project is located in the village of Jawasari on less than acre of ground. Immerse yourself in a once in a lifetime experience. This is just one example of how permaculture can transform the environment, and , in so doing, dramatically change lives.

Flere resultater fra permaculturenews. In the Dead Sea Valley demonstrating and educating.

Greening the Desert II innlegg 11. Desert greening is the process of man-made reclamation of deserts for ecological reasons (biodiversity), farming and forestry, but also for reclamation of natural water systems and other Life support systems. It is done by various methods. So far only arid and semi-arid desert are meant when using the expression.

Even if they have a tractor and a big irrigation system, they are not able to do it. I came to the realization that to make the desert green requires natural farming. You just need to sow seeds in the desert.

The method is very simple. Here is a picture of experimentation . Morocco has been using wastewater from the city of Ouarzazate to plant trees to combat desertification and reduce the impact of dust storms. Photo Credit: Mohamed Atani. Wastewater is treated in a series of ponds.

Planting trees in drylands is tricky, but . Come and join us, live and learn about permaculture . Fans of Geoff Lawton will love this NEW never-before-seen look at his journey to create a thriving garden oasis in the desert of Jordan, one of the driest, most salty soiled locations on the planet. An update from the Barefoot Soulutions team from their permaculture project in Turkana East county – North Kenya. Akale Samuel (aka Anna) is a 46-year old Turkana from the Aduyait clan. Faced with scarce water for crops and unreliable rainfall, they could no longer count on farming to feed their families.

Our villages no longer have only old men and women. Whether you like it or not, we change YOUR world. We all know that there is a lot of land erosion going on in the world.

Forests are being cleared for agriculture and wood profits, poorly managed agricultural land is degraded with the usage of poisons and machinery.

Resulting in erosion slowly turning the land into an ever growing desert. It takes a minute to get to it, but in the middle of this video is geoof lawton making some good points. Guo Xinjun, as he now looks after the trees and bushes he grows, making the rounds for two hours in the morning and another two in the afternoon.

Their specific contour trenching technique brings water back into the groun thus creating a year . On Sunday morning the group was awoken with a trip to Yad Vashem, the Isaeli holocaust museum. Those of the IDF in our group were dressed in their full uniforms, as representatives of some kind. Vote for this project and make it one of the 1projects for climate supported by the French Ministry of Ecology. Urban, Demonstration, Educational, PRI Master Plan.

To establish a model project of sustainable arid land development, demonstrating that all the basic needs for a healthy, meaningful, peaceful lifestyle can be affordable, understood and . A picture worth a thousand words. Atmocean uses wave energy to pump seawater to shore. Our industrial partners are able to desalinate the seawater using the pressure alone with no external energy source.

Can desert be turned into fertile oases using nothing but seawater and sunshine ? Yes, discovers Fred Pearce on a trip to Qatar – but at a price.