In its category, this is probably the most successful and sought-after 150mm (6inch) wood chipper on the market. Den store innmatingstrakten gjør at man lett kan mate brede grener eller busker. Kontrollpanelet er lett tilgjengelig ved innmatningstrakten og gjør bruk av maskinen lettere. Arborist 1kommer med det anerkjente pattenterte skivebladssystemet, men kan også påmonteres tradisjonelle rette blader.

Arborist 1er en imponerende tilhengermontert kvistkutter som har en innmatings kapasitet på cm.

Denne Kvistkutteren er spesielt populær hos utleiere og kommuner, meget driftsikker maskin som gjør jobben. British manufacturer of a range of road-tow, tracked or mounted wood chippers,. Greenmech Fliskuttere Selges og kjøpes. Now over years later Greemech has grown and develope and now export their . Chipping leylandii branches.

Green Machines for Optimum Cost and Maximum Efficiency Something for every size of job Whether you are. GreenMech ArbTrak 2Tracked chipper. If your model is not listed or you cannot find the part you need please get in touch.

Sub-150kg this may be, but the whole construction is steel except for the tanks and mudguards. The tanks are high-impact plastic. Estimert pris per døgn: kr 1. The council have a full fleet of chippers but had been on the look out for a smaller unit that could be based at Queens Park to take care of the lighter pruning jobs and . Stejle skrænter op til graders . This is probably the most successful and sought-after 150mm wood chipper on the market. This is the machine that has set the standards for quietness of operation, durability and performance.

The backbone of the Arborist 150s design is based on a deep beam, high tensile steel chassis which creates . Special offer: years fixed! Benefits: – Low cost – Low deposits – Simple to arrange – Quick to arrange. Contact our team today who understand the industry, the machinery and your . Built to effortlessly get to all those hard to reach locations, you can rely on this popular tracked chipper to get to the job in hand. Genuine Providers of GREENMECH chippers, Ideal of keeping Your Garden in Perfect Condition all Year Round. Discover more of the GREENMECH range on our website.

De underlättar ditt arbete i och med att du slipper forsla grenar och sly och att fliset tar mindre plats att frakta bort. Vi har många modeller med kompakta mått och under 7kg som gör att du kommer fram nästan överallt. Kuttekapasitet: Opp til cm.

Størrelse innmatingsåpning: 9mm x 7mm (1mm x 2mm i kutteråpningen). The information in this manual is correct at the time of publication. However, in the course of development, changes to machine specifications are inevitable.

Destinés principalement aux paysagistes, pépiniéristes, loueurs, horticulteurs, collectivités. The beauty of this high output machine is that the operator can take it to . Join LinkedIn today for free.