Hash plant

Rapporter et annet bilde Rapporter det støtende bildet. Offering a spicy, floral aroma, this endogamic cross weighs heavily on the limbs and min dissolving anxiety and encouraging rest. Award winning indica for a blissful, powerful body stone. Physical and heavy, save this plant for nighttime.

Hash plant represents a pure strong strain of indica marijuana.

Hash Plant is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. We offer only the most popular marijuana seeds at the best prices. Read our full strain review! The aim was to create a high-quality stable hybrid that Indica lovers could cultivate in col humid areas.

Resistant to tough weather conditions . Get Free seeds with every order. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.

Though it was only average in terms of pungency, it was well-received by our review team and was a nice surprise in this category . One of the more potent strains of marijuana grown in BC. It usually forms in smaller compact buds, yet extremely hairy with many white crystals. Hows does the Skelly smell? I swear I heard it came from CO. Her tight, resin- drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried.

As the name already suggests, Lost Coast Hashplant is a very resinous variety, perfectly apt for hash or BHO production. When consume her dominant flavor is the spicy-sharp . Afghani dominant hash plant and indoor strain. Perfect for hash making or stashing gobs of potent sticky buds for the winter.

Fast finishing with tons of . To learn about its medical benefits, contact Las Vegas ReLeaf for more information. This MJ is very potent due to high THC concentration, up to. Overall Blueberry Hashplant marijuana is a perfect . This fairly short and squat plant produces average sized yields of thick and frosty flowers that are ripe and ready for harvest in only 9-10 .

These flowers smell of burnt rubber, urine, and skunk. The smoke tastes sweet and skunky. This strain will provide users with powerful body relaxation. It is ideal to treat for pain, stress, and depression.

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