The hemp core or “Shiv” has a high silica content which allows it to bind well with lime. This property is unique to hemp among all natural fibers. The result is a lightweight cementitious . Rapporter et annet bilde Rapporter det støtende bildet.

SOURCE: Dave Burkey – for NHA.

All it is, is hemp hurds, or the center of the stalk, water, and lime (which is powdered limestone). Our company is focused to make hempcrete a truly commercially viable and accessible product. Whether commercial, industrial, retail or domestic, buildings built with hempcrete are comfortable, efficient and healthy. Freight Estimates (US$): Eastern . Disclaimer: The author provides this overview of hempcrete construction in the spirit of advancing the knowledge and skills of people wanting to use the material.

This article does not constitute a full training programme in the use of hempcrete and it remains the responsibility of designers . Imagine you had a building material that was energy-efficient, non-toxic and resistant to mol insects and fire.

The material may even have a higher R-value, or thermal resistance, than concrete, a claim that is still being investigated. It is breathable and has exceptional thermal performance. People say it is very comfortable and healthy. The natural materials reduce the effects of allergies and illness from chemicals.

No formaldehyde, latex, urethanes or VOCs. Certainly something we are looking forward to enjoying, but these are subjective issues too difficult to measure. A breathable, self-insulating and carbon negative material for use as floor slabs or walls. We lead the field in using hempcrete for sustainable construction. Four parts hemp hur one part lime binder, and one part water is all you need to make hempcrete , a durable building material similar to pressboard or adobe.

Either cast as blocks and finished with lime stucco or sprayed between walls as a paste, the material does not bear structural weight, but does form well-insulated . Written by Alexander Light. This hempcrete brick was made with hemp shivs, lime (as a binding agent) and water. As it cures it draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and petrifies the cellulose into stone.

Within years it is solid as a rock. C) Construction blocks made from .

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a green building material made of hemp, lime, and water. Hemp shivs, also called . We replace petro- chemicals with natural materials, and a fiber reinforced lightweight cement, for a live, . Now hemp seems to have made its way into the construction industry as a sustainable, energy efficient building material called hempcrete. From small business construction companies to do-it-yourself projects hempcrete brings hope for replacing unsustainable choices. This is a material our forefathers . It provides a genuine solution to demands for .