Highland cattle

Rasen ales opp som kjøttfe, og er kjennetegnet av lange horn og lang, bølgete pels. Fargen kan være svart, brindle , rø gul eller blakk. Rasen ble utviklet på det skotske høylandet og Hebridene.

Highland cattle are a Scottish cattle breed. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 24.

Have a glance at the most important things you should know about this classic Scottish breed! Effektiv landskapspleier! Rolige og omgjengelige dyr. Høylandsfe er effektive landsapspleiere. Klarer seg utmerke i de fleste beitesituasjoner, og har en fantastisk evne til å effektivt utbytte beiteressurser av alle slag.

En saktevoksenderase som utvikler seg i pakt med naturen. Ylämaankarja videoita Suomesta.

Always ready for filming. This Scottish breed stands out from the rest for its long wavy hair. The unusual double coat consists of an oily outer layer – the longest of any cattle breed – and a downy undercoat.

Have you ever seen this fluffy cow and wonder what breed it is? Some baby Cows filmed at Marshalls Farm, Alva. In the British Isles folds are found from the . The earliest importation on record . A coat of woolly hair, a massive body and sweeping horns, all in a package designed to withstand icy . The extremely harsh conditions that prevailed created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. Originally there were two distinct classes: the slightly smaller and usually . Where did they come from? The second gene in each case being the “wild type” gene, or default colour of what is thought to be all Brittish . See more ideas about Scottish highland cow , Scottish cow and Scottish highland calf.

With its characteristic shaggy hair, long forelocks, and long horns, it is not easily forgotten. It has a unique double hair coat (coarse outer layer and wooly inner layer).

This coat helps it to easily handle cold and rainy climates, but it can shed its . THEY ARE SO BLOODY CUTE OMFG.