Himanthalia elongata

Himanthalia elongata is a brown alga in the order Fucales, also known by the common names thongwee sea thong and sea spaghetti. It is found in the north east Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Aglaothamnion sepositum.

A natural arrangement of British plants, according to their relations to each other, as pointed out by Jussieu, De Candolle, Brown, c. Sea spaghetti himanthalia elongata brown seaweed spaghetti de mer sea vegetable edible seaweed. Du finn han gjerne inni vikar på utsette stader.

Men om hausten forsvinn greinene, og berre knappane står igjen. Han er vanleg i fjøresona på vestkysten med nordgrense i . Sea thong or Sea spaghetti is a common seaweed of the Atlantic ocean. A small button-like frond is first produce from which large strap-like reproductive fronds are formed.

Himanthalia Elongata Extract comes from a species of brown seaweed which has small button-like, perennial thalli, according to Cosmetics Database. A common brown seawee which has a two stage morphology. Small button-like thalli are first produce from which long strap-like reproductive fronds (receptacles) are formed in autumn.

It is a brown alga, and is also known as sea spaghetti.

The long whip-like fronds form in the second year. This seaweed grows from a button-shaped growth on a rock. Photographed in Devon, UK. Small Thongweed buttons amongst red algae on lower shore. By the end of the year it has a depression in the middle of the button and from this . BOK:Knapptang,Remtang ENG:Sea Thong) photos ( see below for more photos).

Long receptacles coiled in the intertidal zone . Emerald Isle Seaweed Organic Spaghetti ( himanthalia elongata ) Certified Organic by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association. Genus: Himanthalia Lyngbye. Authority: (Linnaeus) S. Description: Common brown seawee which has a two stage morphology. A-P-H-O-T-O – Furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography. The wrack Fucus serratus is normally present as well.

Category: absorbents, binding agents. Recommendation for himanthalia elongata powder usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. Suppliers Safety Safety in use Safety. From this the fertile receptacles grow to a length of 1.

The receptacles branch dichotomously three or four times. Habitat: Common on most rocky shores from the mid-littoral zone to the upper sublittoral. Values listed in Datasheets are averages from data published in scientific literature. Rajauria G(1), Foley B(2), Abu-Ghannam N(3).

Belda-Antolí M(1), Padrón-Sanz C (2), Cejalvo-Lapeña D(2), Prieto-Moure B(2), Lloris-Cejalvo JM(2), Lloris-Carsí JM(3). During the first years they processed seaweed to sell it dried and canned. Nowadays their products can be found in powdere .