The word hippoglossus is derived from the Greek ίππος, hippos, meaning horse , and γλώσσος, glossus, meaning tongue – a reference to the shape of the fish. Arten lever i nord i Stillehavet og er nært beslektet med kveite. Stillehavskveite kan trolig bli opp mot år gammel, men individer på mer enn år er svært sjeldne.

They are demersal fish living on or near san gravel or clay bottoms at depths of between and 0m (1and 5ft). The halibut is among the largest teleost (bony) fish in the worl and is an endangered species due to a . Feed mainly on other fishes (co haddock, pogge, sand-eels, herring, capelin), but also takes cephalopods, large crustaceans and other bottom-living animals.

Growth rate varies according to density, competition and availability of food. Hippoglossus hippoglossus, Atlantic halibut : fisheries, aquaculture. Schmidt first proposed the scientific name based on anatomical differences such as scale shape, . ESA Species of Concern – Labrador (Canada) to southern New England. All documents are in PDF format.

Title, Federal Register, Date. Common name, Atlantic halibut. Synonym, Pleuronectes hippoglossus. BMC Research Notes, 3: 138.

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, CM. Description of the early development of halibut . Highly sought after commercially, the Atlantic halibut is the largest flatfish in the world reaching up to 2. It is a right-handed flatfish. The visible upper side of its laterally compressed body is usually dark brown to dark olive green in colour.

The underside is a dirty white. In this study, the RNAs from hea skin and GI tract from . Grove S(1), Tryland M, Press CM, Reitan LJ. Print on demand version available through Volumes e-Book: $19. To access or buy, click on Book PDF link. Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database ( version ). Det er ulik praksis for behandling av inntaksvannet på kveiteklekkeri, men generelt føres vannet gjennom sandfilter før det filtreres i patronfiltre ned mot μm.

I noen anlegg blir vannet ozon- eller . The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Organstørrelse hos kveitelarver påvirkes av diett. Artemia anriket med jod fôret til kveitelarver. Stadieinndeling hos kveite fra startforing til bunnslåing, uavhengig av øyenvandring.

Forbeining og øyenvandring hos kveitelarver påvirkes av diett.

The δ O values of otoliths of individual halibut tagged in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska ranged from .